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Light precision packing

Nowadays there are so many good reasons to pack light luggage … just get on and off the local transport, not feel weighted, safer than lugging around a lot of bags, save time at airports and the big one, no baggage fees!

But how easy to pack? Those are the real questions … it’s actually not as difficult as it sounds!

How to pack easilyHow to pack easily

Here are some tips to help you package light precisely

This makes it easy to travel by packing only what you need – and a few packing hacks to make your suitcase lighter!

1. Buy shampoo when you get there

There is no risk of having to clean up after a leaky bottle disaster, no liquids in hand luggage and it reduces weight. Take travel-sized screw-top bottles so it doesn’t matter if you buy a flip-top shampoo (always risky) and you can refill the same bottles for years.

2. Take your cell phone with you

Okay, we know you will definitely take your phone with you. But … it also helps you with easy packing as it can serve as a camera, calculator, alarm clock and flashlight in one, even GPS and endless other p-functions.

3. Spend a little more on your travel wardrobe

Buy the UV protection, the wrinkle-free and breathable fabric that is common in most outdoor clothing stores. The best thing about these clothes is that they are lightweight and look great for longer, so you can get away with less laundry.

The ideal standard wardrobe is 2 trousers with zip-off legs, 2 T-shirts and 2 travel shirts with collars – all made of this material. Then add the layers depending on the destination, e.g. B. a fleece and a waterproof jacket.

4. Shoes – get a good pair

Shoes take up a lot of space so just get a comfortable pair to wear on the plane and use for all of your sightseeing. Goretex shoes are breathable so keep your feet dry and warm, but easy to wear even in hot temperatures. If you want shoes that go with your outfits, go for a neutral color. The only other shoes you should then need are the light and very practical sandals, straps or flip-flops.

5. Download travel guides and e-books

If you have a smartphone or iPad, download your travel guide (or at least the chters you need) and save city information, reviews, MS and other references for offline access. Also, forget about lugging around 3 books of 600 pages each and save your favorite trilogy as an audio file that doesn’t take up any space. Or, if you prefer the written word, download your books on a Ignite.

6. Power cables – plan ahead

Check the power adapter and electrical outlets wherever you travel. Then take a look at what devices you will be taking with you and see if you can save cables by charging together, e.g. B. by charging your phone through your ltop. Many appliances run on kettle cords these days, and you can purchase international eagles or kettle cord couplers.

7. Clothes fold against rolling

Many travelers swear by the rolling method (and it works well with carry-on luggage and backpacks). However, since there is a risk of an international debate starting, here’s another try: laying clothes flat. It depends on the size of your bag, but if you don’t even fold your items (other than your pants), some travelers swear that this is the most space-saving way to keep clothes relatively wrinkle-free.

8. Make a packing list and keep it for future trips

Keep a spreadsheet on your computer that you can refine over the years and list all the possible items you might need while traveling abroad. Next time packing will only take 10 minutes as you have already made an expert list and you are less likely to complain with unnecessary items at the last minute.

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