Food delivery used to be quite limited – to certain shops and kitchens (the typical Chinese takeaway, the pizza delivery company), certain geographic areas, and certain types of access (remember placing orders over a fuzzy phone call?).

No longer. With Food Delivery PS and Websites, you can basically order anything you want to eat with a single click. Delivery now includes entering special requests, geo-tracking the location of your meal, leaving (or not leaving) digital tips. It has raised expectations for quick comfort and ever lower prices. And it has made delivery an investor-backed, winner-take-all third-party P-ecosystem dominated by just a few powerful giants – DoorDash, UberEats, Grubhub – who are all at war with one another.

And just when we thought the food delivery wars might no longer get heated, the past year began. With everyone staying home and ordering, UberEats bought Postmates for $ 2.65 billion. DoorDash went public with one of the biggest IPOs of the year (after the Caviar acquisition) – and somehow still the $ 11 billion industry lost distributes sums of money in a runaway race for market dominance that has sparked people’s anger local governments, Entrepreneur, and Manpower.

So Eater is partnering with Recode for a special new season of Land of giants, the podcast that explores how the biggest tech companies are changing our world. The grocery delivery business has dramatically changed consumer behavior, created a new job market and disrupted small business ownership. It has also spawned ghost kitchens and possibly changed our relationship with food. At Land of the Giants we examine everything: how the industry works, how much money is involved, which workers are behind it and what the future holds.

Listen to the trailer and stay tuned for the first episode out on June 22nd. for an eye-opening look at the multi-billion dollar food delivery industry:

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