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I hate to say it but winter is coming. For me winter is a time to hibernate, drink warm tea and relax in my bed with a hot cup of ginger tea. But I do have a fond respect for those who have the guts to go out and face nature’s cold. Because with that cold comes the beauty of stillness and the view of infinite relaxation. Everything turns white and nature takes its rights covering everything in a peaceful blanket of snow.

Of course, it is peaceful for those who haven’t heard about the Arctic Trucks Experience! Visit Iceland and you will understand what I am talking about. But, if you are still not convinced you should continue reading in order to discover the advantages of such an adventure.

What is Arctic Trucks Experience?

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The Arctic Trucks Experience is the best idea ever developed by a couple of car enthusiasts who offer tourists the opportunity to visit Iceland behind the wheel of great 4×4 Toyotas. But not all types of Toyota (don’t expect a Cellica to face the mountains of snow); only the best Toyotas Land Cruiser and Hilux modified to face the rough environments wait to take you into the best experience ever.

The guides are self-drive (yes, you will have the chance to drive these monsters) and use trucks that have been modified precisely to face the harsh conditions of the mountains, glaciers or even the desert. In addition to enjoying Iceland, you can also participate in expeditions to the South Pole. You will finally get the chance to see live polar bears. Yuhuu!

But returning to Iceland, the offers existent for this amazing country include spending a one-day tour beginning on the Reykjanes peninsula where you can visit the Lava cave and see unique lava formations. Afterwards you can stop at the Kleifarvatn lake and at the geotermal area of Krysuvik. And last but not least you will get the chance to visit the geothermal man-made spa called Blue Lagoon which is the most famous one in Iceland.

If this one-day tour is too short for you then you can easily select a 2-day tour that offers panoramic views of volcanic eruptions close to the Vatnajokull glacier in Iceland. And don’t worry, even if you are not a master in driving off road  you can receive some courses on how to handle different types of terrains.

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You can also read more about their fascinating adventures and meet new friends on the official site.

Would you like to participate in such Arctic Trucks Experience?

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