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The McDonald’s vs. the McCafé

We know it’s not healthy, we now it’s going to show up on the weight scale but we do it anyway. From time to time we all visit this magical place called McDonald’s and find refuge in a McChicken or hamburger. It seems to be a little vice that we all indulge from time to time even if it’s wrong.

But for those who are tormented with guilt I do have one good news: the franchise is opening a location in Sydney, Australia where they will be serving lots of things except burgers and fries. Yes, you’ve read it well. This is called The corner by McCafé and it appears to create quite a buzz among the ‘Mc lovers’ and not just them.

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In fact before the radical change, this place was not a total replica of the McDonald franchise. It was a McCafé shop that has been selling great coffee since the 90s.

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Inside sources state that McDonald’s is trying very hard to rebrand itself and to attract more people after sales have dropped very low. According to a recent report, the sales dropped with 2.2% during November compared with the same period of last year.

The cafe which is located right on a corner will include in its menu foods like Maroccan chicken, baked goods, rice and protein boxes with chutney or chimichurri, pulled pork or coffee specialties.
This place sounds so cool so if you get near this cafe do come in because you are going to have a blast! Let’s encourage this initiative as opposed to the regular McDonald’s! What do you say? Spread the news everyone!