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Menu for Halloween: Recipes for Scary Food

Halloween party food requires considerable preparation. Either you are all for or against it – the third is not given. Otherwise, you will hear those “nice try” disappointed comments from your friends and granny’s calming “next time will be better” suggestions. If you are serious about your intention to horrify your guests, you should be armed at all points. Having sent your scary invitations, you have no way back. Set yourself on the Halloween tune to choose a terrifying costume, creepy Halloween treats, decoration, and dishes.


A big boy/girl, you should not reside yourself to anything else, but the best scary Halloween recipes denying any biscuits screwing face into a smile, cocktails consisting of God knows what reminding mixed water plants rather than zombies, or some bright red cakes which don’t resemble anything related to the terrifying occasion if no one tells their names. What YOU need is something that will frighten everyone from the first gaze. It should be the Halloween party food which takes courage to try but which taste should be the decent award for the brave ones who brought themselves to make this step. Taste it yourself!

Here we’ve gathered several Halloween food ideas corresponding to this description to the fullest. What’s more, you will not even need to sacrifice your studying to get ready for the party in time. These dishes are easily cooked! Well, of course, you can redirect some part of your assignments asking for reliable paper writing help to dive into the atmosphere of the holiday to the fullest.

Inward parts of the body

This is one of the most informative Halloween dinner ideas to start the party with. Here you will need to fill in the gaps of your anatomy knowledge while preparing the dish. The Internet will be most helpful if biology is not your favorite subject. So, study the scheme of the location of organs attentively and place the products included in the list below appropriately. The choice of the products is variable. The target is to select the one looking like the represented organ. Flaky dough in spicy sauce will serve for spine and ribs, smoked fish for skin, beetroot for heart, some pie made of liver, fish or meat or any other mass suiting other neighbors of the table will replace the stomach, lungs, liver, cecum and other big and flat organs, and sausages will correspond to ascending and descending colons. Let your imagination prompt you the needed product!

Eyes on the plate

To make your guests impressed but not hungry, we offer one of the Halloween snack ideas you will not have to bother with. It does not resemble the widespread Halloween finger foods. It is as simple as terrifying. This is nothing but a trendy treat in Malaysia and China which consists of hard boiled eggs and Chinese tea but looks like eyes with multiple red blood streaks. This specific design and simple process of preparation make such it the best one for such occasion. Do you agree?

Cook 6 hard boiled eggs leaving them on high heat for five minutes, cool them under water. Fracture the shell by hitting them against one another or the table. Pour the 1/2 tbs of oil (Chinese will cook it with sesame one) in a bowl adding spices (2-3 cloves crushed garlic, ginger, and cinnamon – to the chef’s likings, about 2-3 slices and one or half of stick) and cook them until you feel the fragrance, red wine lees (4 tbs) let it cook a bit more. Take water (about 3 cups), soy sauce (2 tbs), sugar (2 tbs), rice wine (1/4- 1/3 of a cup), and boil the ingredients. At the point of boiling add the eggs. Make them douse anyway – if the liquid is not enough, take more water and leave them to simmer for two hours. Let the dish in water cool, further keep for the whole night in a fridge. Better tastes within three days timeframe. You will not prepare it two weeks before the Halloween party food will need to impress the eaters, will you?


Brains as dessert

The scientists can’t find common ground as for which part of the brain is the most important. What is the most significant about your brains (the dish) is your strong intention to make it look true-to-life. Choose the coloring and the sauce recipes attentively to make it look appropriately (read creepy) – the rest is simple.

Take 3 eggs, some water (1 cup), and oil (1/3 cup). Mix all the ingredients into indiscrete mass. Now you need the corresponding brain baking case to put in the mass and cook it for about 30 min (at the temperature nearly 320 °F). Take off the top of the brain and dig out a hole in it to put some jam inside. Now its time for white frost – using the pastry bag force out the frost imitating the brains form. Mist the brains with some sauce you like (a strawberry sauce, for instance). Put some coloring matter for foodstuffs of creepy red color in some pulverizing bottle shake it, and cover the brains. There is nothing scary in cooking this Halloween party food. Now try eating it!


Preparations for horrific celebration with parts of a human body on the table are not tiresome or scary. Having chosen the recipes, you’d better come back to your costume choice. Make your Halloween party an event which will stick to your guest’s memory!

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