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Miami South Beach in Florida

Miami Vacation Quick Guide For The Ultimate Experience

Is Miami your next vacation destination? The white sand beach, turquoise water, exquisite cuisine, culture, and nightlife are definitely compelling for any traveler. Miami has it all, and if you are ready to cross off Miami on your must-see destination bucket list, we have key travel tips for the ultimate vacation experience.

From Miami Beach to Little Havana, the following can serve as your quick guide to eating out, accommodations, getting around, and more. Let’s dive in!

Tantalize Your Tongue With The Best Food In America

For any foodie, Miami is a must-eat destination. The cultures of the Caribbean, Latin America, South America, and even Europe can all be tasted in Miami. There is no shortage of delicious food, from street corner diners to five-star cuisine, there is plenty to explore on a plate.

A few barrio hotspots include:

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  • Miami Beach serves up southern hospitality at Yardbird, or experience a taste of Argentinian fine dining at Leynia.
  • Wynwood boasts a chill atmosphere with delicious food served at R House Wynwood for a proper dining experience, as well as 1-800-Lucky for an Asian market feel.
  • Little Havana is the spot for amazing Cuban food. Versailles Restaurant is a must for a meal of Cuban flavor and La Carreta for a more traditional plate.

The above are only the tip of the foodie iceberg. Explore other areas of Miami to get a taste of a number of cultures. Don’t be afraid to get a bit outside of your comfort zone either.

Make Your Miami Stay Comfortable

The long list of accommodations available in and around Miami can go on forever. Due to the tourist draw for reasons everyone can agree on — beach, food, and nightlife — you will have a lot of great options. The big question is why are you going to Miami?

If you are all about the beach, you may want to find accommodations in the Miami Beach area. You can find pretty affordable hotels and short-term rentals that have breathtaking views of the beautiful turquoise ocean. Imagine having coffee every morning to a view like that.

If you have a big family, or looking to live it up in Miami during your vacation, you can find luxury accommodations as well. There are Miami beach house rentals that absolutely deliver the ultimate experience. From mansions to villas, you can actually find amazing comfort and luxury at a great price.

Getting Around Miami Can Be Challenging

If you ask any Miami local about the traffic, you will get a look of dismay. That is because Miami has some of the worst traffic and driving in the US. Not to any fault of the locals, but more the overall transportation system and layout. However, there are a few tips and tricks you can employ for the ultimate “non-stressful” driving experience.

First, skip the rental car and don’t drive at all. If you are not planning to take long trips to the Everglades or the Florida Keys, you really don’t need a car. Uber and Lyft drivers are abundant in Miami, and not driving can save you hundreds of dollars.

Second, the parking business nets the city millions a year. In Miami Beach, between parking fees and towing charges, the city makes in excess of $4 million per year. It is also quite stressful to do circles looking for parking and estimating the amount of time you will need to do whatever it is you need to do that day.

Hire a driver and if you want to take a road trip to the Florida Keys for example, rent a car for that specific trip. This is a must employ vacation tip for the ultimate Miami vacation experience.

In Many Cases, You Don’t Need To Tip

This sounds a bit harsh, but this Miami vacation quick guide “tip” can save you hundreds of dollars. Now you should certainly leave a tip, but in parts of Miami, the tip is already calculated into the bill. And it is often at pretty high rates of 20 percent. So no need to leave an extra 15 to 20 percent!

When you get your bill, whether having drinks on Ocean Drive or enjoying a delicious meal on Espanola Way, check for the “service charge” added. It is also called other things, but you will definitely know it when you see it. If the tip is already included, you are good to go.

Wrapping Up . . .

The above tips, tricks, and recommendations are only a few of the most important for you to have the ultimate Miami vacation experience. There are other little idiosyncrasies about this culturally rich and exciting city that are better left experienced in some cases. Do you have a tip or trick? We want to hear it.