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Product Description

Dietary fibres are commonly used as part of the treatment to reduce obesity. In recent years, the seed extract of the African Mango, scientifically known as Irvingia gabonensis has been gaining popularity for its ability to effectively help reduce weight. 

The fibres of the seed of Irvingia gabonensis are water soluble and are „bulk-forming” laxatives meaning, they add bulk and water to stools so that stools can pass more easily through intestines.

African Mango Seed

Miri Slim Code is formulated with chosen herbs to break down fat build up and promote metabolism as well. The main ingredient of Slim Code is the extract of African mango seed that is known with very high in soluble fibre. African mango seed contains 18 amino acids and a good source of nutrients, vitamin and mineral such as calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, phosphorus and iron. 

Additionally, African mango seed contains Leptin, a mediator in regulating energy intake and expenditure, including appetite and hunger, metabolism that improve bowel function, overweight and immunity. It also plays an important part in appetite control due to high level of Leptin making us feel full and less prone to overeating. 

Why Choose Miri Slim Code?

Miri Slim Code help to balance a healthy cholesterol, reduce body weight, increase antioxidant and gastrointestinal activity. It also supports a healthy and balance diet with the high fibre property from African mango seed.
Other benefits includes:

Help weight loss Promote digestion Reduce fat accumulation Support daily fibre requirements Suppresses the appetite



All our product comes with a packaging box to protect capsules in the bottle from any harmful ray or damages during delivery.

Child-resistant packaging

We also uses a special safety cap to reduce the risk of children ingesting capsules.

Product of Singapore

Our product is selling in Singapore for more than 10 years, supplying the local market.

LOSE WEIGHT: This product can help increase thermogenesis allowing you to burn more calories over time so you can lose weight.
HEALTHY METABOLISM: Helps promote a healthy metabolism and also enhances energy levels.
Natural and safe formula that helps control appetite, helps increase metabolism & energy, burn fat faster
Made with only pure ingredients that work together to burn fat for healthy weight loss, plus antioxident support


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