Singapore boasts of some of the best and slickest shopping malls in the world making the city-state as one of the most preferred tourist destinations. However, if you are not a lover of the high-end shopping malls, you can take a stroll along the streets of Singapore and seek out local bargains.

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Nonetheless, shopping in a foreign country can be tricky more so if it’s your first time there. Well, here are some shopping stops you can check out next time you are in Singapore.

Wet Markets aka Fresh Produce Paradise

Pro tip! Ensure you put on closed shoes when you are heading to the wet markets.

At sunrise, you will find farmers delivering farm fresh vegetables and fruits to the markets. On the other hand, chefs alongside other locals will be jostling to get the best ingredients. One spot you will these wet markets is at the basement of Chinatown Complex.

By midmorning, the markets are cleared out a bit, and you can catch the picturesque display of different varieties of fruits, and vegetables. All these neat fully displayed in nice rows. While at it you can look out for the American bullfrogs, a delicacy in Singapore. Additionally, you can purchase spices to carry home.

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Chinese Medical Halls

The old school Chinese herbs are the stuff of legend, which has been in existence for close to 2000 years. Typically, the locals visit the medicine men and explain their condition before the master prepares a concoction for them.

However, traditional medical centers are fading away from existence in Singapore. Nonetheless, you will still find a few in Chinatown. Even though they may not be as the original medical centers, you will always find packaged and well-labeled medicines on sale.

Mustafa Center – Little India

Your trip to Singapore isn’t complete without a visit to Little India more so the Mustafa Center. Well, here you will find money changers, groceries, clothes, latest electronic gadgets the list is endless. Business here run for 24 hours 7 days a week with Sundays being the busiest.

If you like bargaining well this one place, you will appreciate due to the low prices. However, the situation is always busy if you want to go shopping its best you do so in the early morning. Nevertheless, don’t be surprised when you come across quite a number of people doing their shopping as early as 2 a.m.

Antiques and Relics

Ok now forget the touristy artifacts in Chinatown and instead head down to Craig street. There you will find a shophouse that specializes in selling antiques such as porcelain plates, lamps, painting and even old-school bicycles.

One advantage of this place is unlike other shopping centers is that you can bargain. Well then you can look out for a traditional Singaporean snack shop -its way tastier and fun-. You will find mouthwatering delicacies and drinks too.

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