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Native English School Bucharest

English is a very important language that everybody should learn. When it comes to kids, they can learn faster and deeper than an adult, that’s why it is important to teach your children as young as you can in order to help them develop their English skills. Native English Bucharest should taught classes by a native, that will help your beloved ones to communicate in this beautiful language.


Why should kids learn in a native English school?

When the babies are born, they learn everything for the first time. This means that they can achieve goals faster than an adult and learn a language that they will keep for their entire life.

  • Fun: the children love playing and learning, if native English is taught properly, they will enjoy their classes while they are also learning a new language.
  • Accent-free: when children learn how to speak English before the age of 10-12, they will be able to learn a language without an accent.
  • Smart: when your children start to practice a new ability, their brains will be developing much faster. When they are younger, they show much more understanding of shapes and also patterns.
  • Communication: they will be able to communicate with people that don’t speak their languages. In the world of today, this is really important because of the globalization. If you didn’t know, English is the official language of 53 countries and their first or second language of more than 750 million people.
  • Their future: when we see children, we see the future of the world. They will have more job opportunities than monolinguals and even with higher salaries.
  • Watch movies, series, and listen to music in English: nowadays there is a large production of different audiovisual content in English, and your children are going to be able to understand it. This fact gives access to new cultures that are different from ours.

Our team

We are devoted to our clients and that’s why here in Native English School we offer you the best native English classes, where your kids can have fun while they attend to energetic, engaging and exciting lessons where they will learn how to pronounce properly the English.

We guarantee the best quality, and so we follow the Genki English Program, that is Harvard University researched and also British Council endorsed. This system has taught native English to millions of children around the world and has proven to be effective.