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Now the state license with the same number can be changed in Central and vice versa

The FSSAI has issued an order that allows food businesses to migrate from the state license to the Central and vice versa without changing the FSSAI license number.

The order of the FSSAI reads: “It was decided to allow the migration of the state license to the central license or vice versa without changing the FSSAI license number, while deliberately omitting the registration, which is intended for pet food companies, as a one-time upgrade to the registration one state license is expected. „

The decision added that a clear distinction of the registration helps to make the same quick and easy to identify.

According to FSSAI, FBOs are currently struggling to migrate between state to centralized licenses or vice versa due to the need to change the FSSAI license number.

Food business operators had to give up their existing license and apply for the new license. Changing the FSSAI number will result in a change in preprinted packaging, stationery, advertising, etc. and FBOs will receive evidence from the FSSAI HQ by sending a chargeable copy for the use of their preprinted materials with their older license number. This process is done manually.

FSSAI says the transition modalities for changing the existing license include a fee that will be calculated based on the number of years remaining for the term of the license (state or central) and online module for transferring powers at the time of the change which include an examination period of 15 days after the submission of the application.

The final decision would be made by the competent licensing authority, which is responsible for the licensing. Evidence would be provided after testing in accordance with the FSS approval and registration regulations.

If the change is rejected, however, the approval will be continued with the existing approval authority.