One Year Without English

English is among the most popular languages spoken on the globe nowadays. Although it is an official language in many countries, it competes for the title of most spoken one with Mandarin (competes being a bit of a stretch here). Those who love traveling know that wherever they go they will meet people who speak English. And this is comforting because they know that they can establish a connection with those they meet in their way. But what happens when THEY don’t want to do it?

One Year Without English

Scott Young and  Vat Jaiswal are two good friends who decided to go traveling for one year in four different countries. But here’s the catch: they did this trying not to speak English (or keeping English to the minimum). The countries they visited were Spain, Brazil, China and South Korea.

They started their adventure in August 2013, leaving Vancouver with a high passion for traveling and a thirst for adventure. They returned to Canada in August 2014 with a baggage of knowledge and spiritual enrichment. Check out some of their videos from the countries they visited and read more about this experience on Scott’s blog.

I must admit I am super jealous and I think it is a wonderful idea for those who want to immerse themselves into a new culture and learn a different language.

1. Spain

2. Brazil

3. China

4. South Korea

Which countries would you choose for a similar project?

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