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Outdoorwares Tent Pop Up Food Cover – Fine Mesh Screen, Bottomless & Collapsible Design With Handles | Keep Bugs, Insects & Flies Away | For Picnics, Outdoor Fiestas, BBQ, More

Price: $16.99
(as of Mar 13,2021 03:39:29 UTC – Details)

BONUS Kit Finally, The Most Reliable Food Cover Set Has Just Been Released! Wait No More!
How many times did you end up standing over food…trying to keep all those nasty flies away?
If the answer is many, then you should keep on reading. We have the ultimate food guards designed for you!
No more shooing insects away from the food table!
Facilitate picnicking or camping to the fullest without the constant nightmare of dirty bugs spoiling your food!
Protect Your Food From Unwanted Invaders Both Indoors & Outdoors With Outdoorwaves Mesh Food Covers!
Wondering how on earth all those bugs manage to get inside the house and ruin your food? Well, with these screen mesh guards, you can effectively keep them at bay from now on.
Combining a durable construction, convenient top handle, and fine mesh, these food covers are here to accommodate even your most demanding lunching needs.
Place them on plates, cans or bowls and use the top handle to remove nice and easy!
When you are done using just rinse them with some water to clean and then fold them.
Unlike plastic food protectors, these mesh screen covers will keep your food perfect and not doughy.
Still Not Sure If These Pop Up Food Screen Protectors Are The Right Ones For You?
COVERS ANYTHING YOU NEED: This food canopy tent set has 3 different sized pop up food covers. Choose among 14″ 12″ 10″ depending on the area you want to cover. Ideal for bowls, plates, jars, pans, trays, tin cans of food, chopping boards, pet food, and more!
KEEP BUGS & FLIES AWAY: Love outdoor lunching or picnicking but you cannot stand flies and bugs messing around with your food? If so, then this pop up food cover tent set is what you really need. Guard your food and keep it safe from pesky bugs, flies or other insects.
SAVE KITCHEN SPACE: Forget about bulky and inconvenient food covers and invest in this space saving kitchen gadget. Being foldable and collapsible, now there is no need to worry about carrying plastic food protectors with you. We’ve got your food covered.
IMPENETRABLE MESH: Designed with your best interest at heart, this pop up food cover set has the finest and most impenetrable mesh screen. It won’t allow bugs and even the smallest insects enter. Plus, it won’t make your food soggy, as it is well ventilated.
FOR ALL OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES: If you love outdoor fiestas, cooking for family and friends and Sunday BBQ at the backyard, then these food nets are here for you. Perfect for camping, picnics, beach excursions, baking, cooking, traveling, hiking, fishing, and hunting.