How to Pack Your Suitcase like a Pro

Did you know that flight attendants are professionals in packing?

Their job requires them to have a suitcase ready with clothes for 1-2 weeks and to look impeccable every time they interact with passengers.

Lots of people believe that the life of a flight attended is absolutely amazing: traveling every day from one place to the other, partying in various corners of the world and meeting lots of new people. Of course there are certain disadvantages (see the Ebola crisis) or the fact that you have to learn how to sleep and pack your suitcase like a pro.

Speaking of packing, I hear that the high score in packing is held by flight attendants. If you manage to get a suitcase like theirs you have reached the ultimate level in packing. But in order to do this you must practice a lot. Here are some great tips on how to pack your suitcase like a pro.

How to Pack Your Suitcase Like a Pro (Step by Step)

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1. They see you rolling – start rolling baby! Flat folding takes up a lot of space and it wrinkles your clothes in a unique manner. Save space and time by rolling your clothes and you will notice the difference when traveling.

2. Tie them up – if you have lots of belts and don’t know how to make them fit, here is a great plan: tie the rolled clothes with belts. Prepare in advance some outfits and make your life easier. This way when you are in a hurry you will be able to drag some clothes and be ready for that special occasion.

3. Forget about leaks – how is that possible? You can say goodbye to the clothes covered in shampoo or the books drowned in moisturizer. Cover the openings of bottles with a plastic wrap and then screw the lids back. Brilliant, don’t you think?

4. Buttons or earrings – this is a trick I find fascinating and extremely helpful. Put your earrings into the holes of the buttons and be certain of the fact that you will never lose them again. And if you want this to top everything, sew the buttons to your clothes. It is a total space saver and assures you will never lose your jewelry again.

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5. First heaviest, then lightest – if you want to add more things into your luggage and actually manage to close it, start by packing the heaviest things first and work your way to the bottom with the lightest ones on top. This will help you close your suitcase easier (I’ve always wanted to do this from my first try but never succeeded).

6. Shoes – all women are obsessed with shoes. We admit it! But when you travel light you have to bring the minimum pair of shoes (4-5 pairs tops). And if you stash them along the sides of your luggage you can save more space (and bring even more shoes, some might say).

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Learn from masters how to pack your things in the easiest possible manner. By the way, do you have any tips that can be applied when you are packing for your travels?

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