Traveling and food are two things that we cannot live without. Going abroad,discovering the immense range of opportunities offered by this huge world is a must for all those who want to explore and enrich their personalities. And what better way to do it than to travel around and tasteContinue Reading


You drink it when you go out. You prepare it in the privacy of your own home. It’s delicious, elegant and it reminds you of the roaring 20s when opulence was  the keyword. But do you know the story behind this cocktail? If not, don’t be afraid; you’re not theContinue Reading


The Internet is filled with information that can keep people busy for hundreds of years. The bad thing is that nowadays everyone has access to Internet and can post all the crap that comes to their mind. The good thing in this deal is that if you dig deep enoughContinue Reading

Prague has always been a fantasy city for me. The city that has a bohemian style with picturesque architecture, wonderful lights and a magical appearance that mesmerizes travelers. It gets them hypnotized and it makes them visit all the tiny streets and the huge monuments. And when they’re too tiredContinue Reading

Catalan food

Climate: sunny, humid summers, rainy springs, cool autumns Beaches: cosmopolitan, fun, clean, Culture: Antonio Gaudi, architecture, Montjuic, FC Barcelona, Picasso People: nice, smart, distant Yes, I have placed in the title the “C” word. You might not think it, but when you go to Barcelona, you go to Catalonia andContinue Reading


Romania is a beautiful country, with amazing places to visit! We will speak about „Homoródfürdő”, an amazing Romanian touristic destination, in the mountains. Homoródfürdő has always been an important touristic destination, where you will find recreation culture, assuring the nowadays required developments. Homoródfürdő is the great destination, not only forContinue Reading