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Man is not the only one who loves to eat, pets do too. As someone who owns a pet, isn’t it nice to have a date with them? It does not necessarily be out of the house or in a formal restaurant, preparing food that can consumed by yourself and your pets is good enough. There are human food that we thought are not good for pets but actually, they are.

5 Pet Friendly Food Items Man Usually Eat & Prepare In Kitchen

Below are 5 foods that are best for human and pets too!

  • Meat

dog-eating-meatYes, of course! Pets love meat too, whether it is chicken, turkey, chuck roast or streak, lean ground beef and more. Meat does not only satisfy your pets’ palette but also let them grow stronger as it serves them protein. When serving them meat, take note of these important rules:

  • As much as possible avoid those fatty cuts, like bacon
  • Make sure to cut meat into chewable chunks, if there is ground meat, better
  • DO NOT serve them moldy, spoiled or old meats
  • Make sure that meat is cooked well, not raw nor undercooked.


  • Vegetables

Unlike most kids, your dog loves vegetables. These vegetables can give them fiber, vitamins and canine crunch. It is best to serve these vegetables, finely chopped or grated. Some of the good vegetables to serve your most loved pets are:

  • Squash
  • Cauliflower
  • Asparagus
  • Broccoli
  • Green beans

Tip: Do not give them vegetable and fruits that can upset human’s stomach, like avocado.

  • Pretzels and bread


Whole wheat breads that are in bit sized cuts can be consumed by pets. Breads can give your pets healthy gut, but please do not feed her with raw dough as it can give your pet with serious stomach issues. You can also offer her with unsalted pretzels, avoid salted ones as that will make pets extra thirsty and sooner may give them bigger problems if your pet eats a lot.

Tip: Not all food for breakfast is good for your pets, as coffee ground is not.

  • Sweet treats

Give your pet a prize by feeding her with sweet treats. Except for raisins and grapes, almost all fruits are okay for your pets, try fine slices of fresh apple and banana (removing the seeds), or orange sections or blueberries, or chunks of watermelon or cantaloupe.

  • Rice and Pasta

Yes, your most loved pooch can consume pasta, but it should be cooked well and plain. You can also mix brown rice, a healthy grain for your pets to gobble up. Mixing it over to your pet’s food is a good way to turn their boring food livelier.

Tip: Make sure though that the serving of human food to their normal food, like dog or cat food, will not go over 10%.

Now that you know the food you can serve yourself and your pets, enjoy a good date time with them tonight.

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