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Philly will lift almost all COVID-19 restrictions tomorrow June 2nd

On Friday, city officials announced that almost all COVID-19 restrictions in Philly will be lifted on Wednesday June 2, almost ten days ahead of schedule. As of tomorrow, the density limits, capacity limits and social distancing rules will end, with one final call remaining at 11 p.m. in restaurants and masks still required until at least June 11 if the Ministry of Health is re-evaluating coronavirus cases in the city.

The larger Commonwealth of Pennsylvania was abolished all restrictions on Monday, May 31st, at the end of Memorial Day weekend. As throughout the pandemic, the city of Philadelphia followed its own rules, which meant that restaurants were limited to a maximum of 75 percent for indoor dining. The changes, which will take effect on June 2nd, will see the city’s bars and restaurants almost completely return to normal.

The incumbent health commissioner Dr. Cheryl Bettigole, who replaced former Commissioner Thomas Farley after he resigned last month for mishandling the remains of victims from the 1985 MOVEMENT bombingsaid that have COVID cases further fallen and positivity rates and hospital admissions remain low. “These are encouraging signs that vaccination is really turning the tide in Philadelphia,” said Bettigole. “We still have a lot of work to do to reach out to all Philadelphians, but we also want people to celebrate the good parts of life we ​​are getting back through vaccination.”

Masks are still compulsory in both the city and the country. Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf previously said the mask mandates from the end of June. According to city officials, the mask mandate and the last call at 11 p.m. on June 11 could be lifted, but only after the health department reviews the state of the pandemic in the city.

The latest CDC guidelines for guests vaccinated during the COVID-19 outbreak are Here; Eating out in restaurants still poses risks for unvaccinated diners and workers. Please note changes local rules, and check individual restaurant websites for additional restrictions such as mask requirements. Find a local vaccination center Here.

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