Adverse weather can strike at the most inconvenient times. Traveling for business during storms or snow can mean delays, canceled flights, and even dangerous situations on the road.

No company wants to put their staff or business partners at risk. Luckily, the weather is easier to predict than it seems. With some expert help, your company can easily avoid the complications of attempting to travel during bad weather. Keep your employees safer and your business schedule more efficient by using meteorological data to make informed decisions about work trips.

Predicting What’s Ahead

When it comes to making detailed forecasts, you can never have too much data. That’s why the best weather monitoring services use a weather station network to gather information. By using thousands of observations to inform the forecast, these networks give users the power to predict incoming weather on a local, regional, and global scale.

Of course, you don’t want to sift through a mass of data yourself while trying to run your business. Once predictive algorithms have transformed weather variables into real-time conditions and forecasts, this information can be conveniently accessed in the form of an online weather dashboard.

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Weather Prediction Tailored to Your Company

Here are a few examples of services your business can benefit from:

  • Meteorological maps offering a real time weather displayfor locations worldwide
  • Customized weather alerts that can be set to notify you of specific conditions in locations or on dates of interest
  • Professional meteorologists on-call at any hour to help you navigate the tough decisions that accompany sever weather events

When preparing for a work trip, you’ll likely have a lot of things on your mind. The weather doesn’t have to be one of them. To learn more about using meteorological data to plan safe work trips, contact Earth Networks at their website or give them a phone call at (301) 250-4000.

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