Planet Organic India is now working to strengthen its subscription-based service model that can be customized to meet the monthly needs of customers. The company also has a free home delivery service that takes the best interests of their customers into account.

The company founded by Shubhlakshmi Tiwari and Praveen Kumar Gupta started operations in June last year. Currently it is known for its wide range of FSSAI and ECOCERT certified organic products such as rice, flour, cooking oils, spices, dried fruits, legumes, etc.

The ‘organic kitchen’ offers three options: organic basic, organic premium and organic premium plus. The subscription service provides users with a list of monthly kitchen utensils for spices, edible oils, legumes, rice, flour, etc., all of which are backed by the chemical-free organic guarantee for their everyday needs.

“Healthy life is growing increasingly. The recent pandemic has reaffirmed the importance of eating nutritious foods. We are what we eat, so it is important to be aware of the food we eat. So our focus is on making nutritious food affordable for everyone, ”Shubhlakshmi Tiwari, director and co-founder of Planet Organic India, told F&B News.

“This is a bootstripped start-up. We work with our own resources and so far no external funds have been built into the company’s capital, ”she added.

“Our organic kitchen is a unique subscription service that allows customers to buy the monthly kitchen supplies at once and change the monthly requirement according to customer requirements. The subscription model is flawless as it is delivered to a customer’s doorstep every month or as often as desired, which is completely hassle-free, ”explained Tiwari.

Although a confirmation call and email are sent to customers before the order is delivered. The discount on any organic kitchen is so tempting that no one can deny it. This subscription helps customers shop with ease, saving time and money. After all, they have access to the right healthy organic foods.

As more and more people focus on their health, many companies have emerged with a similar focus on organic food products. Our competitors help us develop new concepts, says Tiwari.

The positive adoption of the brand has been an encouraging experience and has boosted the entire team to work harder on growing the customer base. Currently, the largest presence on the company’s website is the online ordering of customers with delivery of organic products on their doorstep. Efforts will be expanded to offline grocery stores and supermarkets in Delhi-NCR, Indore and some cities in Maharashtra and Rajasthan. The company is also developing a mobile P to enable a personalized shopping experience with organic products.

“There are plans to open a training center for organic farming in order to raise awareness and inform farmers about the certification process, the cultivation method and the market opportunities. Considerable focus on engaging women in agriculture and empowerment in rural areas of Madhya Pradesh, ”concluded Tiwari.


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