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Popular outdoor activities in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is so much more than just a gambling town. It is also a popular tourist destination that offers many attractions for tourists and visitors.

You can take a bus tour of the city, visit Tussaud’s Wax Museum or tour the Stratospheric Observatory.

Replicas of famous ancient Egyptian monuments can be seen throughout Las Vegas. Museums of all kinds are waiting for you.

You can see the Hoover Dam. And of course you can experience the atmosphere of an American metropolis.

In fact, you can go to Las Vegas and have an amazing experience without ever having set foot in a casino. And you wouldn’t miss much either. Many of the special outdoor experiences that Las Vegas offers cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

Not all people like the hustle and bustle of a city – some prefer the quieter and cleaner surroundings of the suburbs. There are a number of other interesting attractions for them in the city. National parks, nature reserves and monuments await you.

Read this article to learn about all the different outdoor activities you can do in Las Vegas.



One of the most interesting places to visit in Las Vegas is Cathedral Rock. It is a huge, towering mountain that will overwhelm you with its size and shape.

And if you come here at night, you can see the stars through the pure mountain air. This will be a whole new experience for you. Stargazing is particularly picturesque here.

Valley of Fire

If you go to the Valley of Fire, you will find thousands of ancient petroglyphs there.

You can spend countless hours strolling through the endless valley. Many try to find a glyph that everyone else has missed.

There are many interesting cliffs and rocks to climb and everyone will find it exciting.

Mount Charleston

It’s hard to believe, but in winter the mountain tops get a lot of snow.

Mount Charleston even has a small ski area that you can visit as well. From the mountain you have an excellent view of the surroundings.

Mojave Desert

Hiking in the arid Nevada desert is another popular pastime. Everyone who has been to Las Vegas has heard of it, and many people have.

Prepare to get cold as the desert gets much cooler at night when most people visit.

Red Rock Gorge

Hiking in Red Rock Canyon is also interesting. Don’t miss this opportunity.

Visit Red Rock by day and the desert by night for a complete experience.


A facsimile replica of an old Nevada town, Bonnie Springs Ranch takes visitors back in time.

The place mimics a 19th century town and has got everything right down to the smallest detail.

Note for visitors: the Red Rock Hotel is here. It’s the only hotel far and wide. If you want to stay overnight this is the only place.

Spring Mountain Ranch

Spring Mountain Ranch is another place you must visit.

There is a yoga class on Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays. It’s about the local goatswho take yoga to a new level.

The curious goat kids come to investigate new people. They make regular yoga much more exciting. You can also play with them and feed them. Goat Yoga is a unique experience that many visitors fondly remember.

Sports and other outdoor activities

spear chucking

Spear chucking is a sport that visitors find very interesting.

It’s more than just entertainment – it’s a way to cool off and fight stress. If you’ve been feeling pent-up anger or stress, head to the spear stand and let off some steam.

You can throw javelins at a target for accuracy, or you can do it from a distance as well.

To go biking

Biking is no less popular than hiking in the desert. Many people come to this area for the drive and the scenery without visiting the city.

There are long bike trails in the area, and the extreme is 100 miles long. But most opt ​​for the easier 40-mile ride instead. The 35-mile route around Lake Mead is the best for new riders.

Ride horses

Horseback riding is popular and people visit Red Rock Canyon where the stables are located.

The stables are home to many beautiful horses and there are five different bridle paths for you to ride.