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PPE Travel Kit with 2 Washable Face Masks, Nitrile Gloves, 10 Moist Towelettes, No Touch Door Opener Tool, Waterproof Case

PPE Travel Kit with 2 Washable Face Masks, Nitrile Gloves, 10 Moist Towelettes, No Touch Door Opener Tool, Waterproof Case

Price: $15.95
(as of Mar 01,2021 20:14:18 UTC – Details)

This PPE kit is perfect for air travel and has everything you need to venture out into the world. The kit includes:

Keychain Door Opener Tool:
This brass device enables you to use door handles, ATMs, faucets, elevator buttons, and payment terminals without contact. It has a stylus to interact with touch screens including payment terminals and ATMs, and even a handy bottle opener.

2 Washable Face Masks:
These face masks are machine washable, and their latex / polyester blend has an extremely high thread count for superior comfort while remaining breathable.

10-pack of Moist Towelettes:
These robust alcohol wipes come in a resealable package ensuring they remain moist and fresh. They contain highly purified water and alcohol only and are strong and tear-proof.

Pair of Nitrile Gloves:
These gloves fit nearly all hand sizes and have increased thickness and durability over competitors.

Compact Waterproof Hard-Shell Zipper Pouch:
All items are snugly packed in a high-quality, portable case for easy storage and protection.

With multiple products required to confidently traverse public areas or while traveling, forget about rummaging through your bag or purse to find the products you need by having everything organized in this handy pouch that you can refill endlessly. Keep one of these in your car or carry-on at all times to ensure you’re always ready!

✅ 2 Reusable, Machine Washable Cloth Face Masks and Nitrile Gloves: The fabric face masks create an air-tight seal without making breathing difficult. The stretchy polyester and spandex material is very comfortable and fits all face sizes. The nitrile gloves fit nearly all adults.
✅ Pack of 10 Moist Towelettes: Large wipes in a resealable container allow you to wipe your area on planes and other public transportation, and your smartphone. Large and tear resistant, you can fully wipe down your tray table, seats, counters, and more.
✅ Contactless Brass Door Opener Tool: The pocket-sized device allows you to open and close doors, turn faucets on and off and flush toilets in public bathrooms, and has a stylus to interact with ATMs, Elevator Buttons, and Payment terminals all with no contact.
✅ Waterproof Hard-Shell PLA Mini Zipper Pouch: All items are packed into a zipper pouch with a sturdy exterior so the items inside won’t get crushed. Helps keep all your PPE items accessible and clean, and can be used for other items such as earbuds or power banks.