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Pregnancy is a beautiful time in a woman’s life when the body changes making room for the development of another human being. But just because it’s a more sensitive time it doesn’t mean that you are not allowed to do certain things. Some might think that being pregnant is like having a handicap, but some future mothers actually have no problem with doing the same amount of effort as when they were not pregnant.

When is it best to travel?

The best time to travel is during your second trimester of pregnancy. In this case you are over your morning sickness present in your first trimester and you still have time to spare until the fatigue and swelling from the third trimester appear.


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– drink plenty of water and make sure you have constant access to the bathroom. Pregnant women feel more dehydrated because their kidneys put extra work in order to support the development of the baby.

– wear comfortable clothes. Your feet and hands tend to swell during pregnancy so you’d better wear loose clothes made out of cotton (this doesn’t stick to the skin and it is extremely easy to find).

– make sure you carry with you medication for nausea and traveling sickness that doesn’t affect the development of the baby.

– hold on to the seat backs while you are going towards the bathrooms of airplanes, trains or buses. These are usually very narrow and the turbulence can cause imbalance.


– travel if you have a risky pregnancy or if your doctor had prohibited to you.

– travel if you have reached 36 weeks of pregnancy because of the high risks of getting into labor. If you cannot avoid it, try keeping close your medical records and try to search for medical centers at your destination.

– forget to check with the airlines (if you are traveling by plane) if they have restrictions concerning pregnant women.

– travel for more than five hours in a car or bus and try to take short, but often breaks.

– use car perfumes. They are bad for the unborn babies because they can lead to the development of congenital defects. If you need some fresh air, open the window and breath some natural air. There’s nothing better!

Basically mommies, all you have to do is be a bit extra careful and you and your baby will be fine traveling to new and interesting locations. Make sure you don’t overwork yourself and enjoy every moment of it.

P.S: here’s an extra video to get you familiarized with flying routine stuff for pregnant ladies. Do you think it’s hard traveling while your pregnant or traveling with children?

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