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Preparing Your Car for A Road Trip: 6 Pro Tips

The proper maintenance and care of your car is essential for its longevity and smooth running, and when you are planning to go on a long road trip with your friends or family members, you definitely need to catch up on the maintenance of your car and make sure that it is up for the long ride. 

I have taken a lot of road trips, and they are one of my favorite forms of vacation, in my experience, I have realized that the preparation of your car is very vital to a great road trip. If you run into car trouble on the road, the whole experience of the road trip can be completely ruined. So, today I have put together a list of some of the most important maintenance tasks that you should perform to get your car ready for a long road trip. 

Check it out to make sure that you can have an unforgettable road trip, without any car problems getting in the way of the fun. 

  • Check on the Mechanics of Your Car

When you are planning to go on a long road trip, you know that your car will be working overtime for the next couple of days. So, if you want your car to get you to your destination and back reliably and not get damaged on the long way, you need to catch up on some mechanical maintenance of the car. 

You should take a day before the road trip to take your car to a skilled mechanic for a detailed checkup. You need to make sure that your engine, transmission and other mechanical elements of the car are working smoothly. You should check the alignment of the car and get it realigned if there is a problem. Also, remember to check on the suspension of the car. 

If you have had the car for a long time, and you haven’t had the suspension replaced for some years, you should take a look at its condition to make sure everything is in order. Try to find small issues and fix them before they can become bigger and more damaging.

  • Check on the Fluids of Your Car

You should actually check the fluids of your car on a daily basis, and before you leave for a long road trip, it is a good idea to check and replace some of the fluids that haven’t been changed for a while. You should start with the most important fluid, which is the engine oil. 

If you know that your car will be working a lot over the next week, it is best to get an oil change to make sure the engine can run smoothly. You should also check the coolant of the car, especially if you are taking a summer road trip. The brake oil is another very important fluid of the car that has to be checked for the proper maintenance and running of the car. 

  • Check on the Electronics of Your Car

Another part of the car that many people forget about is the electronics. The electronics also need to be maintained for a smoother ride on your road trip. You should start with the maintenance of the battery. Check if you need to add any distilled water or battery acid into the battery. If the battery terminals are corroded (which can happen if you live in an area with a lot of rain or humidity) clean the terminals of the battery. 

You should also check on other electrical components of your car like the headlights, air conditioning, and cooling fan. If you are going on a long road trip, you will definitely have to drive at night, and for the best visibility, you should have some good quality LED headlights. LED headlights are brighter, consume less energy and last longer than normal headlight bulbs. Check out the w5w led bulb for the best visibility even in severe weather conditions. 

  • Check on the Tires & Brakes

Two of the most important elements of your car that you need to check up on before you leave for a long trip are the tires and the breaks. These two parts of your car have to be in the best condition possible for a safe and smooth trip. The tires and breaks are especially important because tire blowouts and break failures are actually the most common causes of accidents on the road. 

You need to make sure that the tread of your tires is in a healthy state and they have ample road grip. You should also make sure that your tires are always properly inflated. If you have the same tires for a long time, you should consider replacing them before you leave for a long road trip. Replace the brake fluid and check the condition of the brake pads as well to ensure that everything is in order.

  • Gather All the Equipment You May Need For the Car’s Maintenance

Before you embark on a long road trip, you need to collect all the necessary items you may need for a road trip. You should have all the tools and gadgets that will help you make sure that your car stays in top condition during the ride, and if you run into any small issues, you can fix them immediately. 

You should have a spare tire and a tire changing kit in your car, and you should also get a battery powered car jumping kit, in case your car battery runs out for any reason. Also, you need to have a proper tool kit with all the essential tools to make small repairs to your car all by yourself.

  • Clean and Organize Your Car

After putting all of this effort into the working of your car, you also need to make sure that its appearance is well maintained. You must ensure that your car is washed and waxed properly before you leave on your road trip, because if dust and dirt stays deposited on your car for a long time, it can damage its exterior. You should also organize the interior of your car and make some additions like adding neck pillows to make your car more comfortable for a long road trip.

About the Author:

This post is written by Mark Hilton. He is a digital nomad who is obsessed with automobiles and loves road traveling. He has worked in several automobile companies and has been covering technology online for over five years. In order to know more about his site, you can visit