Promptly Journals - Compact Travel Journal, Elegant Minimalist Design, Linen Wrapped, Prompts to Track Your Travels, Keepsakes, Photos (Dusty Rose)

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Traveling is good for the soul! It brings one perspective, a break from the everyday, connection with those you travel with, and vivid experiences that become a part of you. We have created a prompted journal to capture all of that and more. Let us help you preserve your adventures.

This journal is intended to cover a single travel experience, whether it be a weekend trip to Jackson Hole or a month-long excursion across Europe. Take it with you, or fill it out once you are back home.
Our prompts will help you record the most important details, memories and feelings you felt on your adventure.


„What was the name of that Hotel again?”
„What was dish I ordered that was soooo good?”

Sound familiar? We have prompts to help you easily write down names, addresses and details of your favorite restaurants, hotels and sites so you don’t ever have to wonder.

Train tickets, postcards, museum stubs, and loose photos are so beautiful when collected and kept in an organized way.
This journal is the easiest way to paste those mementos in all together in one beautiful place.

Traveling with someone can create deep connections that most other situations can’t. Use our „Travel Companion” section to quickly record all the laughs, the tears, and the shared moments of awe that will forevermore bind you and that person together.

Limited Edition Prompted Travel Journal Contains 88 Pages
Includes a World Map to Chart Your Journey & Mark Your Destination
Hundreds of Meaningful Prompts to Guide Your Entries, Helping You to Never Forget Your Travel Experiences
Five Sections with Placeholders for Photos, Includes a Back Pocket for Additional Photos and Mementos
Beautiful, Compact Design with Travel Inspired Artwork by Illustrator Kelli Murray


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