Bunga Bunga parties

Many tourists flock to London each year, but many of them do the same old things. They ride the London eye, they see Buckingham palace, but they don’t go out of their way to stray off the beaten path. London is so much more than the vast array of tourist attractions. In fact, it’s an unusual and quirky place to visit when you really delve deep into it! I thought I’d give you a list of some of the quirkiest restaurants in London, so you can have dinner with a smile!


At Sketch, you have so much to choose from and I’m not just talking about food! Everybody should experience Sketch at least once. You’ll need to make a decision between eating in the fancy Michelin star restaurant, the woodland themed lunch room, the parlour, or the patisserie. Some would definitely describe this place as eccentric!

Les Trois Garcons

This restaurant is in Shoreditch, so you can instantly see why it’s so unique. This place is a true one off; you won’t find anywhere else like it in the world! You might even spot a celeb or two here on a good day. It’s filled with crazy looking objects and even crazier furniture. The food is lovely too!


The interior is something else inside Archipelago. There are plenty of palm trees, colourful peacock feathers, and golden buddhas decorating the interior. That’s not all; the food being served is kangaroo and crocodile. It might feel as if you’re about to do a bushtucker trial, but it’s all surprisingly delicious!


The interactive ordering menu inside Inamo makes it one of the most efficient restaurants you’ll ever go to. Place your order with the menu projected onto the table, choose your own virtual tablecloth, and when you’re done order your ride home. You won’t need to move from your chair!

Beirut Nights

Beirut Nights serves the best shisha in London, so it isn’t hard to see why it’s on the most quirky list. It gets a number of celebrity clientele visiting regularly, such as Duncan James from Blue and even the whole Arsenal team!

Bunga Bunga

Bunga Bunga is an Italian restaurant based all around Bunga Bunga parties. What’s a bunga bunga party? It’s a party the ex Italian prime minister used to have regularly. The food is normal, so there’s no need to step out of your comfort zone there.

Bunga Bunga parties

Ania Mendrek

Doodle Bar

The Doodle Bar will serve amazing cocktails, tasty toasties, and many other things to you as you doodle on the walls. Yes, it’s one of those places. Bored of writing on the walls? Well, try your hand at ping pong instead! You might even be able to watch a life drawing class as you enjoy your toastie; they’re held here regularly.


This place has a revolving table, so you get to see every inch of the restaurant during your stay. Just make sure you take some motion sickness tablets before you arrive!

Head over to these restaurants on your visit to London and you’ll have a positively unusual time! Enjoy!

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