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Are you one of those people who drools at the sight of a hamburger displayed on a huge billboard and wonder how in God’s name do they manage to make them look so completely delicious? And then you run to get your own gigantic and suculent hamburger. And what are you left with? An anemic and super-thin hamburger that doesn’t even come close to what’s displayed there. And we complain about the Photoshop applied on celebrities!

Real Food, But Not Really

While I thought I was the only one who had a problem with this, I recently came across this great artist called Minhky Le who created a few insightful videos. The first one presents a hamburger, the version before and after. The differences are so annoying that you want to rip someone’s head for cheating you. Especially if you are hungry and you fantasize about this burger for more than 30 minutes.

The second video is about the way in which ice-cream is cosmeticized in order to look more savory and sell larger amounts. It’s not even about taste anymore, but about the way in which the product looks. This increases its selling chances by attracting more people.

And finally, the last video includes the way in which drinks are made to look so refreshing and delicious. I was surprised by the amount of work done. It’s like when girls spend three hours in front of the mirror, getting their make-up to look as natural as possible.

What do you think about these obvious and yet accepted lies?

P.S. Congrats to Minhky for the videos!

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