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RV Camping Everything I Wish I Knew Earlier: Practical Trailer Organization Tips and Tricks for Beginners

RV Camping Everything I Wish I Knew Earlier: Practical Trailer Organization Tips and Tricks for Beginners

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(as of May 11,2021 14:15:42 UTC – Details)

Have you just bought your first RV or upgraded to a larger unit and are feeling overwhelmed?  Are you worried that you bit off more than you can chew in the camping world? This is a common feeling for many RV campers, as you quickly realize that there is more to camping than pulling the unit off the lot. Or are you looking to make your camping trips easier and more enjoyable?

Ideal vacations are low stress experiences.  But when you are in the middle of nowhere, extra stress from novice preparation can pile up quickly and ruin a getaway. What to bring? What do you need to buy?  Where to store the dirty laundry?  Why is everything spoiling in the fridge in 2 days?  How do you manage getting and dumping water when you don’t have hookups?  How do you back up the unit without hitting something or looking like a fool while dozens of strangers are watching?

We’ve been there. This book is a compilation of what we learned the hard way. When we started camping, we knew nothing and made a lot of mistakes. Over the past 20 years of trial and error, we have found tricks and tips that make our RV camping vacations much easier and more enjoyable.

This book provides tips that are not found in the common RV guide. What you find in this book will make the difference for those who want a great camping experience.

This book is written for both beginners who want to fast forward their practical RV camping knowledge and experts, who are looking for some secret tips and tricks to improve their next trip.

This book will share our best and most useful secrets, such as:

  •   An easy communication trick when parking the RV,
  •   How to prepare an efficient outdoor kitchen that works,
  •   The secret knob that controls your fridge temperature,
  •   The item saves you 80 percent on your propane costs,
  •   How to pack clothes for small spaces,
  •   The laundry trick that prevents moldy dirty clothes,
  •   How to refill the water tanks without moving your trailer,
  •   How to maximize your small space,
  •   How to organize your toiletries,
  •   How to extend your grey water tanks when dry camping (and a key feature often overlooked),
  •   The key items you need to remember to bring.
  •   The overlooked item needed for electronics.
  •   How to unhitch the trailer when it is stuck on the ball,
  •   Plus a bonus of easy camping recipes and meal ideas….

What if some simple tips and tricks could make a huge improve your next RV camping vacation with family and friends.  What if RV camping for a weekend or a month can be easy and enjoyable?  If you want straight forward answers that will make a difference in your next camping trip, this book is for you.

So scroll up and BUY! Let’s get started!