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Sayulita Surfing: A boho-chic surfer’s paradise

Have you heard of Sayulita? It’s the ultimate boho-chic surfer’s paradise. Surfing in Sayulita is an important highlight of this diverse city.

Sayulita, too „Fishing town” (Fishing village) is just off the highway from Puerto Vallarta to Guadalajara, about 45 minutes north of Puerto Vallarta.

The main village is right on the beach, with several houses to the north and south of it, embedded in the dense jungle and partly with beautiful private beaches.

What makes Sayulita so special?

Definitely my favorite place for a short vacation in Mexico …

To me, Sayulita always seemed like a perfectly integrated place, not a Mexican village that expats invaded. The majority of the local Sayulita residents speak perfect English, and many of them work in tourism, as do the foreigners whom I venture to say also make an effort to speak decent Spanish.

Sayulita is surfing

Sayulita is a melting pot of Mexicans and foreigners, with their only common pastime… .. surfing.

Sayulita is a sunny surfer’s paradise. It is famous for its steady estuary surf break.

Sayulita Bay has a break suitable for any surfer’s level, and most days you can find a wave there, even if it may be small. One surf school and one board rental after the other on the beach, in between typical beach huts and restaurants, vendors of pareos, carved animal figures, Huichol art, homemade jewelry and everything else that gives you the feeling of a real Mexican beach feeling.

One of the most popular surf spots in Sayulita is Casa Buena Onda, which is just a four-minute walk from Sayulita. This beach is a paradise for all surfers, from beginners to professionals.

Sayulita surfing, MexicoSayulita is surfing

More activities in Sayulita

Another surf attraction in Sayulita is SUP (Stand Up Paddle), a relatively new way of surfing or distance paddling on a longer, wider and thicker board with a paddle. Great fun and very easy to learn.

Exploring the streets and shops is well worth the time. You can find the most unique gifts for you and your loved ones, from Huichol art to Tahitian pearls. It is a Boom village, although I am confident that it will somehow retain its special “boho-chic” character.

Sayulita has a lot to offer including horse riding, ATV tours, Hike, Jungle canopy tours, Snorkeling, Fishing and bird watching. There are also a couple of great art galleries and high-end restaurants for the tourists.

For some, living in Sayulita is living the dream … I never moved there because honestly I was too lazy to make the move, never quite sure how much longer I would stay. And I probably should have given up my little red one … Sayulita is great, but cobblestone, dust in winter and sometimes mud in summer. Good with a 4 × 4, not good with my topless frenchie. This is also true if you’re planning on staying there, you shouldn’t even consider bringing heels with you. Havaianas are fine!

When is the best time to visit Sayulita?

Basically in every season. The high season in this part of the Pacific coast essentially runs from US Thanksgiving time to Easter week. The temperatures during these months are between 23 and 33 ° C. The water on the surface becomes up to 21 ° C cold. The rainy season is June to October, shoulder and dry would be May. The temperatures there are slightly 5-8 ° C higher, the water is nice and the bathtub is warm with a maximum of 28 ° C.

Avoid major Mexican or US holidays if you can. too full for my taste.

How do I get to Sayulita?

Fly to Puerto Vallarta Intl. Airport (PVR) then head north to Sayulita. Search for flights to Sayulita on Expedia.

There are buses right on the street at the airport (6 pesos); Alternatively, a taxi will take you for around 900 pesos. You can also rent a car at the airport; Just make sure you have the usual tourist trs and scrape off the agency’s bumper sticker.

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