Simposio | Italian Recipes, Travel, and Culture: The Cinque Terre Issue (Simposio magazine)

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Simposio is an Italian recipe, stories, and culture magazine. This is the Cinque Terre issue.

What readers say:

"A side of Italy you won’t get anywhere else."

"…a soulful journey through an amazing writer’s mind…"

"…this is not something you buy and put away…"

"several hours of enjoyment"

In Ancient Greece and Rome, philosophers, artists, and a few lucky ones attended rich banquets followed by wine, singing, dancing, playing, and cultural conversations.

This last part was called Symposium, Simposio in Italian.

And that’s what you will experience when you browse the pages of the magazine: a world of meaningful conversation, inspiring learning, and dionysian pleasures.

In each issue, you will find recipes, stories, local traditions, and beautiful pictures. 


  • no advertising;
  • no sponsors;
  • 100% authentic Italian recipes, pictures, traditions, and stories;
  • servings, whenever possible, for two people, duplicable as desired;
  • measures in gr, cups, and oz, whenever possible;
  • print (coffee-table-perfect) book – printed locally – or kindle format.

In the Cinque Terre issue:

  • 115 pages
  • 113 pictures
  • 28 recipes
  • 5 Projects
  • a lot of olive oil


| Travel

08 Cinque Terre

10 Riomaggiore

14 Levanto

16 Monterosso

20 Vernazza

22 Manarola

26 Corniglia

32 An Interview

| Culture

30 Eugenio Montale

78 Cantamaggio

106 Nonna Remedies

| Projects

06 Bucket List

77 Mother’s Day Basket

78 Cantamaggio Wreath

80 Spring Tablescape

98 The Olive Oil Project

| Recipes

36 Acciughe di Monterosso

38 Salsa Marinara

40 Pesto Genovese

42 Croxetti or Corsetti

44 Pesto Pasta with Potatoes and Green Beans

46 Prescinseua

48 Sarsa de Pignêu

50 Potato and Pancetta Ravioli

52 Ciuppin

54 Cuttlefish & Potatoes

56 Tiàn de anciue di Vernazza

58 Gamberi in Sguassetto

60 Ligurian Green Beans

62 Pesto Artichokes

64 Savory Rice Cake

68 Frittedda from Sicily

70 Vignarola from Rome

72 Ligurian Fava Beans Pesto

74 Scafata Umbra

84 Pasta with Fresh Garlic

86 Frittata with Fresh Garlic

88 Agliata della Valtiberina

92 Asparagi alla bassanese

94 Pasta with Prawns and Asparagus

96 Milanese Asparagus

109 Rhubarb Syrup

110 Rhubarb Liquor

111 Swiss Rhubarb Pie 


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