Simposio | Italian recipes, travel, and culture: The Siena Issue (Simposio magazine)

Simposio | Italian recipes, travel, and culture: The Siena Issue (Simposio magazine)

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Simposio is an Italian recipe, stories, and culture magazine. This is the Siena (Tuscany) issue.

In Ancient Greece and Rome, philosophers, artists, and a few lucky ones attended rich banquets followed by wine, singing, dancing, playing, and cultural conversations.

This last part was called Symposium, Simposio in Italian.

And that’s what you will experience when you browse the pages of the magazine: a world of meaningful conversation, inspiring learning, and dionysian pleasures.

In each issue, you will find recipes, stories, local traditions, and beautiful pictures. 


 no advertising ★;

★ no sponsors ★;

100% authentic Italian recipes, pictures, traditions, and stories;

servings, whenever possible, for two people, duplicable as desired;

measures in gr, cups, and oz, whenever possible;

print (coffee-table-perfect) book – printed locally – or kindle format.



The Tuscan city of Palio, delicious sweets, and Middle Ages.

But there’s more, much more. Behind the big show, behind the brownish brick walls, behind the fancy patisseries.

There’s passion – some, including me, would say folly – and there’s pride.

In this issue, we will be swept away by the folly of poets, waters, husbands, economics, friars, painters, and the seventeen Contrade of Siena.

We will also experience the universe of Middle Ages apothecaries and prepare one of their potent remedies at home!

Further in time, we will meet Etrurians, an indigenous population of the Tuscan lands, and sit at their tables to savor their dishes, discovering the flavors and ingredients that put a base to Tuscan cuisine.

We will also explore Siena’s traditional food: recipes from the countryside farms, from the noble palaces, and right out of Nonnas’ ovens!

Finally, we will cuddle our jaded souls with some winter pleasures: healthy and tasty treats, Italian traditions, and home decor inspiration.

Siena will be a new destination of our emotional journey through Italy. Our way to honor and preserve the country’s heritage, past, and present through a different traveling style: slower, deeper, more mindful.

Pour yourself a glass of red wine, spread some toasted bread with olive patè, play some jazzy music, relax and dive into Siena’s emotional world.

Benvenuti a Siena.


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