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Do Singaporean Need Visa to Australia

Like in any other country, you need to hold a valid visa for you to be allowed into Australia. Well, if you are in Singapore and are looking for an Australian Tourist visa, then you are in the right place. Australia Visa Singapore will help you understand better the rights and benefits of the Australian tourist visa and Australian business visa, and also show you how you can apply for one.

Australia ETA Visa Overview

People planning to visit the country for tourism and business, expect Australian and New Zealand citizens need this document to be allowed into the country. Some nationalities can take Electronic Travel Authority (ETA – Subclass 601) or an eVisa Visa (Subclass 651) or a visa online. If you are from Singapore and hold a passport, however, you are eligible for a Long Validity Visa and Australia ETA Visa Singapore. Remember these online visas are for Australian tourists and business related visits, and not for just any kind of work, irrespective of the duration of stay.

What to Know About the Australia Visa Application

An Australia tourist visa shows the visitors intention in visiting the country. There are different types of visas, which mean that benefits, rights, and privileges depend on the type of visa you have. Like citizens of other nationalities, Singaporeans also need to undergo the Australian visa application even if the visit is only for a short period.


How to Apply Australia ETA Visa Online

There are different kinds of Australian visas including the Student Visa, Guardian Visa, and the Family Migration visa. These Visas are granted by the Department of Home Affairs. Different visas, however, take different times to be processed. For instance, a permanent visa is more complex to apply than a tourist visa. Therefore, you need to identify that you are eligible first, then give correct information. In this case, however, you need to state the purpose of your visit as tourism-related.

Australia Tourist and Business ETA Visa

An ETA is linked to your passport for up to even 12 months or until your passport expires. It allows you to travel to the country as many times as you want as long as the stay is short, not exceeding three months. Singapore is one of the eligible countries for the Australia visa ETA. You can, therefore, apply for your Australia ETA Singapore online here for only $10 SGD per applicant.

Australian ETA Visa Requirements

You have to first state whether the visit is for tourism or business because there are certain requirements meet tourism or a business purpose of visit. But since you are looking for a tourist visa, you will state your purpose as tourism. Some of the requirements however are: you must not be within the Australian territory, and that, you must be from one of the countries that are eligible for the Australian ETA.

ETA Visa

Benefits of Australia Tourist ETA Visa Singapore

It is valid for twelve months from the date it was issued. Here are the benefits of Australia tourist visa.

  1. You can visit your family and friends who stay in Australia
  2. You can study in Australia but the course should take only three months not more.
  3. If you are planning to relocate to Australia, the electronic card permits you to study the area you would like to stay.

Apply for an Australia Tourist Visa today via Australia Visa Singapore. They will process your visa in 15 minutes. Australia is a beautiful place to tour. There are lots of sandy beaches and marvelous sights to see. Your holiday of a lifetime is just a click away.