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Product Description

Easter giftEaster gift

Skymee Owl Robot: The first pet camera treat dispenser toy

This is a pet camera that can meet all your needs!

How does the owl robot work?

After connecting the owl robot to the home 2.4Ghz WiFi, you can access the owl robot through the app whereven you are.

Owl robot has two universal wheels, you can easily control it to move around your house, find and monitor your pets.

Owl robot has a full HD camera in its left eye, and it has night vision function to see dark rooms clearly.

Owl robot ensure better interaction and entertainment with your pets. It can throw treats to attract your pets, and has interactive actions to make you play with pets.

It also has a two-way audio, allowing you to chat with your pets.

Multi-person access: Log in your app account on other people’s mobile phones, you can access owl robot together.

Outdoor use: It can also be used outdoors, take it for outdoor activities with your pets without home wifi!

About battery life:

After being fully charged, owl robot can be used continuously for 6 ~ 8 hours, or 5~10 days of standby. Enough to meet your daily needs.

wifi pet toywifi pet toy

SKYMEE Owl Robot

Pet camera treat dispenser toy

Key features:

Remotely APP DrivingFun Treat DispenserWifi mode & AP mode for outdoor8 People Login & Watch Video

Basic functions:

Full HD Pet Camera & night visonSnap & Record Video2-Way AudioTF Recording

Important notes:

*Please note:

We will update the firmware regularly, please update the device firmware to the latest in the initial use.This product is not bite-resistant, please control it to move out of reach of your dog when not using the owl robot.If you encounter any problems please get technical support through the app’s help box.

Product details:

Weight: 710g /1.6lb

Size: 6.7*6.7*4.9 in

Maximum treats size: 0.6 in

Input voltage is 110-240V

Compatible with 16~64 GB TF card (Not included)

Battery Life: 6~8h

motor speeds: 3 types

Only support 2.4Ghz WiFi

Better interaction:

Black friday

Black friday

gift for famlily

gift for famlily

best gift for children

best gift for children

To find and track your pet anywhere

Pets are very lively and will not stay in one place for a long time. With the skymee app, you can drive Owl Robot to track your pet and interact with it.

To see and talk with your pet anytime

Owl Robot has a 1080p full HD camera with 4x zoom and 130° Wide-angle view, and built-in HD 2 way audio microphone. Clearly to see and talk with your furry baby anytime.

Play with your furry baby

Control Owl Robot to run or make rotations, rollovers and other action modes. Even you can toss treats to reward it after the interaction.(Recommended treats size of 4mm-16mm)

More features:

night vision camera

night vision camera

Boxing day

Boxing day

count down

count down

Night vision

Owl Robot has 8 infrared lights which automatically turned on/off according to the light or manually turned on/off for your needs to see your pet clearly day and night.

PIR detection

When the owl robot detects pet behavior, it will automatically wake up and interact.

And video can also be recorded automatically after the TF card is installed(Not included, support 16 GB ~ 64 GB, class10 & above).

Long battery life

Built-in 3 lithium batteries can support continuous use for 6~8 hours. You only need to charge it 1 to 2 times a week to meet your daily needs. Skymee app also has a low battery reminder (if the error prompts, please update the firmware to the latest version).

outdoor modeoutdoor mode

Close skymee app in the background.Switch to AP mode and press and hold the reset button to reset it. Open phone wifi settings to connect the hotspot of „skymee_C20” Open the skymee app to enter AP mode.

wifi connectionwifi connection

Easy Set Up (only supports 2.4G WiFi):

Turn on owl robot, if the indicator light quickly dims, please charge it first.Switch to STA mode and press and hold the RESET button for 5 seconds to reset the device.Open app, add Owl robot, enter the home wifi password in the skymee app.Let the left-eye camera read the QR code of phone, keep the distance 5-10cm, after hearing the „beep”, click Next and wait for connection succeed.If owl robot sleeps during the setting process, please wake it up and repeat steps 2~4.

ap connectionap connection

Connection tips

Before pairing the phone with the device, you need to turn on the correct mode and then reset the owl robot.If the wifi connection is unsuccessful, check whether the wifi type and password are correct, and the password length does not exceed 16 characters.The wifi connection only supports 2.4G hz wifi. If your wifi is 5G wifi, you can use the owl robot via AP mode. The AP mode is limited to short-range use.If you have any questions, you can get technical support through the help-box of the skymee app.

Pet interactive toysPet interactive toys

Designed specifically for pets:

Some tips for better interaction with pets:

In order for you to use it when you are out, you need to connect it to home 2.4G wifi.Please be patient when you first use it, control Owl Robot toss your pet’s favorite treats, and back off. Repeat it a few times and slowly attract it.Through the app settings-Sound recording-Custom sound to change the feed sound and improve the treat experience.Plugging in the wand (included) makes the interaction more fun!

Multi-person sharingMulti-person sharing

Multi-person login-in and access

After you connect your phone to Owl Robot(wifi connection), please set a password for your app account via My-Account Security-Set Password.Your family and friends can log in to your account on their phones by password and access owl robot at the same time.How to protect privacy?When someone looks at the video, the Skymee device light will turn blue.After you change the app account password, others can’t log in.

wifi connectionwifi connection

WiFi connection

ap connectionap connection

Connection tips

Pet interactive toysPet interactive toys

Designed for pets

Multi-person sharingMulti-person sharing

Sharing live video


Smart Pet Camera Treat Dispenser

Smart Pet Feeder with Camera

Interactive Pet Toy

Pet Water Fountain

Accurate Feeding Pet Bowl

Carrying cats and puppy

Use Requirement

Need 2.4Ghz home WiFi

Need 2.4Ghz home WiFi

Bluetooth connection

Manual Driving & Smart Interaction: Remote control Owl Robot via app to cruise at home and track pets for a fun hide and seek game. Automatically triggers multiple action modes by infrared sensing to interact with your pet and make it more active.
Full HD Camera & Night Vision: 1080p Full HD Pet Camera with 4x zoom and night vision, you will be able to see your pet clearly day and night, save high quility images or video, and control Owl Robot flexibly.
Treat Tossing & 2-way Audio: You can make Owl Robot moves and leaves a snack route to lure your curious pet. While it is naughty or anxious, you can comfort it by instant voice and dispense favorite treats(size of 4mm-16mm) to make it happy.
PIR Detection & TF Recording: Owl Robot will automatically react by be tounched and detects pet behavior. And video can also be recorded automatically after installing TF card(no included). Help you monitor your home situation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
More details: Long battery life for 8 hours of continuous use. Two connection modes make the use more friendly. Even if your phone doesn’t have a network, you can still use the owl in AP mode (remote control need home 2.4G wifi,not compatible with 5G wifi)


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