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Pet tech, Pet care the easy way!

We believe in “Dogs are man’s best friend”. We are committed to developing smart pet products that make pet families more convenient. With skymee, let worry turn into care. Hassle-free to go out. We will do our effort to your furry friends. Join us, give your pet a better life.We are committed to solving:

Separation anxiety both pet and ownersRemotely looking after petsZero distance interactionKeep your dog active


HD Real-time VideoTwo-way AudioFun Treat DispenserMotion DetectionAlarm Event RecordSnap & SharingNight VisionWork with Alexa

Skymee Petalk AI Dog Camera

See, talk and play with your dog anywhere

Visual: Dog can see yellow and blue.When you use app, the indicator light will turn blue and your dog will know you are around.Rugged: Made of high quality food grade materials, the hard outer casing prevents damage to the dog’s fangs and claws.Security: A single device can only be added by an app account to prevent intrusion peeping

Sharing: An account that can manage multiple devices, and can log in to multiple family members at the same timeFree: Skymee app is free, all functions open to user


3 Minute Easy Set Up:

Power on the device using the USB cable, and download Skymee App.Open the Skymee app and register your app account via email or mobile number.Add the Dog camera and enter the correct WIFI password.Let the device camera read the QR code of the mobile phone, and after hearing the „beep”, click Next and wait for connection succeed.


Online Support:

If the WIFI connection fails before reaching 100%, please check if the 2.4G WIFI password is correct.After confirming the correct password,please use the thimble to insert the device reset hole for 5 seconds, reset the device. And repeat the above WIFI connection process.You can use your family’s mobile phone, log in to your account, and do the WIFI connection step after resetting the smart feeder. Then you can use the device on your phone with the multi-user shared account feature.Please use the APP to find technical guide.


How can I share my app account with other phones?

Please log in to your account on another phone.The Skymee app account supports 8 mobile phones to log in at the same time, and one account can be bound to multiple Skymee devices.It is worth noting that one Skymee device cannot bind two accounts at the same time.For privacy, it is recommended to only share your account with your families.


Your furry baby will love it!

The sound of the machine when it was feeding was loud and scared my pet.

Pets are curious and sensitive babies and may take a little time to get used to their new toys.You can change or reduce the feeding sound through the app.Or record your voice as feeding sound to make your pet feel intimate.When your babies know that the Skymee dog camera will toss favorite treats, they will soon become happy and respond quickly on the sound of the dog camera treat dispenser.


App connection


APP Support


APP Share


Lovely moment








See your furry baby day and night

Skymee dog camera has a 1080p full HD camera with 4x zoom and 130° Wide-angle view.

Clearly see your furry baby anytime through app.

Comfort your furry baby

Play game & keep your dog energetic

See, talk and play game with your dog. Fill your dog’s favorite treats and toss them out, let your cute dog chase, stay excited and energetic.

PLAY – Happy Treat Dispenser:Toss your dog’s favorite treats(recommend size 0.6cm~1.1cm) and play with it, let your baby dog chase the treats to stay active and excited
SETUP – Plug in to a power outlet using USB cord =>Download the full free app“Skymee” =>Connect to 2.4G wifi
Power supply:plug in to a power outlet using its USB cord
Night vision: 10 infrared LEDs, see up to 15-20m
Audio: Two-way audio (built-in mic/speaker),you can talk with the pets


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