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Smile Reconstruction

Smile reconstruction is needed for those people that want to recover their dental health. It is necessary to make the required procedures in order to make a diagnostic based on the results of the consultation and after that, elaborate a plan to have the smile that you have always wanted.

Procedures for smile reconstruction

Investing in your dental health is important for you and also for us. That is why we offer you the needed procedures in order to help you get a restorative dentistry, preventative care, prosthodontics, implantology, oral surgery and root canal treatments.

In the restorative dentistry and preventative care, you can come to our consultation in order to check that everything is OK. We will make the necessary exams like the xrays, bite analysis, photos, was up, etc.

If you want to restore a decayed tooth, we also offer you the white fillings in order to get back the form of the teeth. It can also be used for cosmetic improvement.

We also offer periodontal treatment if that is your problem. It is a non-surgical treatment in order to clean deeply your teeth.

Some people are looking for teeth whitening that is also a really easy procedure that we offer to our clients when they need to remove stains from their teeth and also eliminate the discoloration.

If you are looking more for a crown, we offer you different treatments such as crown emax all porcelain, crown zirconia, telescopic crown, temporary crown, etc.

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Our team is made of professionals

Here in The Bucharest British Dental Place, we are very happy to offer you the best team of experts that will make you smile again with that confidence you have always wanted. We offer different plans in order to recover your dental health.

We know you and we have exactly what it takes in order to meet your needs and give you the best customer service, with a personalized service and also a cost-effective price. The good quality is something that describes us best.

Take advantage of it, and come to Romania and visit us. You can also make dental tourism in order to know the beautiful city where we are located: Bucharest. This city is known as “The little Paris”. You can come here and with the help of our team make your stay in the city a pleasant experience. You can schedule your treatments, choose your flights and the best accommodation for you.

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