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Where Does Smoked Salmon Come From?

I know lots of people who enjoy eating smoked salmon. The reason for this is because salmon contains high doses of omega-3 fatty acids, high-quality proteins, minerals and vitamins (potassium, vitamin B12, selenium). All these nutrients fight against cancer, depression, diabetes, high blood pressure or asthma.

Good, but where can one get some smoked salmon in let’s say New York? Samaki Smokehouse is the most recognizable brand that is on people’s lips when it comes to smoked salmon in Port Jervis, New York. This is a family business run by Simon Marrian. He first got into the smoking salmon business almost 30 years ago when he was living in Kenya, East Africa.

The following video is a bit long (almost 9 minutes) but it describes the story of this family who smokes salmon. You might say that there is nothing out of the ordinary here. And you would be right. But those who know what family businesses are like know what this means. This is an example of passion, love for fish and for the entire process of smoking it.

Both Simon and Jason, his son, talk about the process in a simple way. But a way that is filled with warmth, enthusiasm, relaxation, passion and love for what they do. And a family business doesn’t work without these ingredients. Take a ¬†look at the video and see where smoked salmon comes from in New York.¬†Cohiba cigars available online here

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