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Snchat is your next restaurant M p?

More than 250 million people use Snchat’s built-in M to see where their friends are in the world. The m interface was recently updated to a main tab within the p and today Sn adds a new feature that reveals popular places that you think you might want to visit. Sn M users will also see lists of places like bars or restaurants that they either marked in previous posts or marked as favorites to check out.

The Popular tab at the bottom center of the Sn M shows recommendations for places based on factors such as your current location, what friends have been doing on the m, and the types of places you’ve saved as favorites. „This new algorithm in our Popular Tab makes Sn M art a highly personalized discovery platform and, overall, is a unique feature for Snchat,” said a Sn spokesperson The edge.

With these additions and other recent updates, such as integration with the restaurant review website The Infatuation and Ticketmaster, Snchat is transforming its m into a unique way to discover the world around you.

And while it’s not yet a significant sales driver for Sn, advertisers can target ads based on the location of the people who chose to share that information – a potentially great way to drive traffic for a local business. Seeing friends on am in addition to information about companies is also a relatively unique feature that Facebook couldn’t copy. Sn recently reported that it has 293 million daily users, making its user base about 42 percent larger than Twitter’s.