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Is there something that Jamie Oliver can’t do?

His fight against obesity and his support for practical food education are shown in the best possible way through a rap video where he is helped by the one and only Ed Sheeran. His campaign was called #FoodRevolutionDay and it supports compulsory practical food education in schools all over the world.

The world is currently fighting with an obesity epidemic because over 42 million children under the age of five are obese or overweight. This means that every generation shortens its life if they don’t plan on changing the way they eat and live. And if they don’t want to acknowledge this on their own, someone has to help them.

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The video also features great names like Jamie Cullum, Alesha Dixon or Paul McCartney. You can sign his petition right here  and contribute to changing the dietary education children receive in schools. Up to now 1,577,047 supporters signed the petition. You can be the next one. Choose to make a difference in the world!

Watch the video below and let Jamie convince you!


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