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Some great Amazon Prime Day cooking deals this year

Prime Day, Amazon’s annual offer for Amazon Prime members is here. This year the two-day event starts today June 21st and ends on June 22nd. And for those who were in the market for household goods that Amazon reliably has in stock – e.g.

To help you with this, we have compiled the best kitchen offerings from the most popular brands in their categories. Seasoned Prime Day buyers are familiar with lightning deals that only last a few hours. But take heart, these will be available all day long. There are even offers after the two-day sale ends, so keep checking back. Shopping hype.


Cuisinart is there for you when you need a complete overhaul of your pots and pans. The 10-piece stainless steel cookware set is 45 percent cheaper, and I’d say they’re worth the investment – I’ve kept my stainless steel Cuisinart stick pot since my college roommate left it in 2011 and have never felt the need to replace it.


Calphalon also offers complete cookware sets at a steep discount. The 11-piece set of pots and pans is a full 50 percent cheaper. Those with less closet space might consider this 12 inch non-stick wok, usually close to $ 100 and now less than $ 70.

An espresso machine appears to be a Prime Day purchase, as well This one here, complete with a steam wand, is nearly 50 percent cheaper and drops to less than $ 120, which is good business for an espresso machine.

Instant pot

As in previous years, the It-Pliance of the 2010s will be offered on Prime Day. The Instant Pot Duo Plus, the six quart size, is typically $ 120 but retails for $ 55 today.

The brand also sells the “it” care products that have supplanted the slow cooker, albeit not in utility. The Instant Vortex Plus, a hot air fryer, a broiler, a roaster and a dehydrator are available at a lower discount of 35 percent.


The mark compact kitchen systemthat mixes, chops, blends frozen drinks and more is $ 50 on Prime Day.

Like other kitchen appliance brands, Ninja has one Pressure cooker on his list, and it’s 40 percent cheaper today.

Soda Stream

If bottled water sounds refreshing, consider a soda stream. It costs only $ 50 today in this enjoyable one ice blue shadow, Rose gold, White, or black.

These starter soda streams only contain a Co2 cylinder and bottle, however Sodastream packages are also available if you want to upgrade to a system with three bottles, two Co2 cylinders and two bottles of Flavor Drops.