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StarlitScapes Bamboo Neck Gaiter | Reversible Two Layer Balaclava

StarlitScapes Bamboo Neck Gaiter | Reversible Two Layer Balaclava

Price: $26.00
(as of Apr 17,2021 04:01:43 UTC – Details)

Product Description

Neck GaiterNeck Gaiter

StarlitScapes Bamboo Neck Gaiter is better for you

Double Layer

Double Layer





Adjustable Ear Loops

Adjustable Ear Loops

Double Protection Fabric

Meets CDC guidelines with 2 layers of fabric, completely covering your nose and mouth.

Fun Reversible Colors

Comes with fun, reversible colors! Wear it every day for jogging, running, or any indoor and outdoor activity.

Lightweight and Breatheable

Made of 95% real bamboo and 5% spandex. This 2ply cloth is lightweight and breathable. Better than cotton or synthetic materials.

Natural Bamboo Soft Texture

Experience the ultra-soft bamboo difference. This natural fabric is gentle on your delicate skin.

Contoured DesignContoured Design

Designed for long hours of use indoors and outdoors

What makes StarlitScapes Bamboo Neck Gaiters uniquely better?

– Reversible, two layer bamboo fabric where most gaiters are made of thin polyester single cloth.

– Contoured to follow the profile of your face, with a tufted design to cover your neck comfortably.

– Designed to fit both large and small faces. Use the long side or smaller side to find that perfect snug fit.

– Made of 95% bamboo jersey + 5% spandex while others are made of polyester fibers. Good for your skinz!

Protect your bamboo neck gaiter with a waterproof travel pouch

Yes, your gaiters need protection too! Keep them sanitized and store them safely inside a 6 x 8 inch waterproof pouch when not in use.

neck gaiter fitneck gaiter fit

Stay covered and comfortable with your bamboo face cover

How do I find the right fit?

We designed the LARGE neck gaiter for men and people with larger faces and SMALL to fit teens and people with smaller faces with UNEVEN widths to find that perfect fit. Just choose which side has a better fit to grip your face to enjoy long hours of comfortable use. No need for that annoying loop around your face! Our mission is to give you maximum comfort naturally!

Discover multiple ways to use

This multi-functional head gear can be worn a variety of ways as a face cover, neck gaiter, headband, hair wrap, bandana, sun hood, balaclava, beanie or scarf. Other fun uses include : a do rag, face mask, a pirate cap, a hair tie, hairband, a hat liner, a hood, a headband, a sun gard, a neckerchief and wrist band. It’s an all-season reversible gaiter!

Easy to care : Hand wash recommended. Or machine wash on cold and delicate cycle. Hang dry for long lasting use.

Comparison of Neck GaitersComparison of Neck Gaiters

Experience the StarlitScapes Bamboo Fabric Difference

StarlitScapes Bamboo Reversible Neck Gaiter is good for you and the environment:

Fully meets CDC guidelines for the ideal face covering – two layers of washable, breathable fabric and completely cover the mouth and nose.Blocks harmful UV rays. UPF 50+, protects your nose, mouth and skin from dust, pollen and pollution.Is naturally protective, hypoallergenic, soft, absorbent and breathable.Is wrinkle resistant – no need to iron. (Not that anyone wants to iron neck gaiters and face masks anyways).Bamboo is a self-replenishing resource and can grow 1-4 inches a day without need for pesticides.If it gets dirty, you can wash it. Safe and easy to machine wash/dry. No bleach or harsh chemicals.Hecho en Costa Rica / Made in Costa Rica. Helps support growing communities with our neighbors in Central America.

StarlitScapes StarlitScapes

🍃 Made in Costa Rica
Hand Wash Only
🍃 2 LAYER FABRIC – Meets CDC guidelines with a double layer fabric that completely covers your nose & mouth
🍃 BLUE and BLACK REVERSIBLE – contoured for your face & tufted to fit your neck comfortably
🍃 TWO SIZES in ONE – Use the long side (22″ circumference) for taller people or the short side (19″ circumference) for shorter people.
🍃 MOISTURE WICKING & BREATHABLE – quick dry bamboo wicks moisture away from the skin, soft and breathable
🍃 ANTI-ODOR & WASHABLE – naturally odor resistant, durable and machine washable. Pura Vida!