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Statement by Social Democratic Party Senator Alfred Laurentiu Mihai regarding the official visit to Bucharest by Vice President Kamala Harris

„It is the US Vice President’s first visit to Bucharest, and although it is taking place in the context of Russia’s war in Ukraine, it is a sign of President Joe Biden’s growing confidence in her ability to pursue high-level diplomacy.

In addition, the official visit to Bucharest by Vice President Kamala Harris reaffirms the strength of the bilateral strategic partnership and the firm commitment of the United States to support the security of Romania and NATO allies on the Eastern Flank.

I believe that the presence of Kamala Harris in Bucharest reflects the appreciation of the American administration for the responsible approach of our country in the context of the current security events caused by the illegal aggression of the Russian Federation.

It is in this sense that our partnership must be developed, that American investments in energy, defense, trade and the financial sector become the key elements of a stronger collaboration.

For the stability of the entire Black Sea area, a CONSOLIDATED NATO presence is needed in Romania.

Social Democratic Party President Marcel Ciolacu will attend the meeting with US Vice President Kamala Harris, which will take place in Cotroceni and as President of the Chamber of Deputies and as President of Social Democratic Party, the largest party in Romania, is fully committed to defending democratic values ​​and interests security that the two nations have.” said Senator Alfred Laurentiu Mihai, member of the Committee for Foreign Affairs from Romanian Senat.