Stay Healthy While Traveling

Trying to stay healthy while traveling is always a struggle, and it seems that all the hard work we put towards getting healthy and fit prior to vacation just slips away the moment we step off the plane at our destination. FlightHub wants to make sure you’re in tip top shape, no matter where you go, so FlightHub Review has compiled a comprehensive list on how to stay healthy while abroad.

Keep to your schedule (sorta)

Whether it’s your fitness routine or your eating habits, sticking to your routine while away is the only way to make sure you stay on track while you travel. FlightHub knows this can be a bummer, what with all the delicious foods and delicacies being offered to you throughout the day, it’s hard to say no. But saying yes to all the unhealthy foods will bring you off track faster than you can imagine. FlightHub recommends modifying your routine to work with your time abroad, after all you’re on vacation or travelling for pleasure, so you should be enjoying yourself! Try getting up early and getting in a quick workout before you head out for the day!

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If you’re finding it difficult to keep to your routine, or want to try something different, see if your accommodations host activities for guests throughout the day! Whether its Pilates, water workouts, or friendly pick-up games among guests, get out there and stay active!

Walk, everywhere!

If you’re like most people on vacation, waking up early may not be the most enticing offer you’ve had. If this isn’t going to work for you then FlightHub suggests this age old trick; walk everywhere! Tricking yourself into exercise is the only full-proof way to stay active, even for the most unmotivated among us! So forget the Segway (which would probably end badly, who are you kidding?) and grab those runners!

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Plan your meals

This is probably going to be the hardest part of staying on track while away. Thinking about your meals when you’re not in your own home, with your own food and routine is very difficult to do, so don’t beat yourself up if you slip once or twice, or if you’re just unmotivated to think that far in advance. FlightHub has a couple of trick lying up our sleeves that we think will keep you motivated and interested in keeping on track while you’re away!

Eat local: Going to local markets is a fun activity do while traveling that will also let you see, and eat, like the locals do. Staying away from fast-food chains or heavy restaurant meals means you’re more likely to eat better and find cheaper meal options as well (Yay! A two-in-one deal) which means you can snack up guilt-free throughout your trip! FlightHub also thinks that eating local and purchasing from local farmers is a way to immerse yourself in the city your visiting.

Snack: Now that you’ve found local markets, snack throughout the day! Bringing protein rich snacks like trail mix, nuts, pumpkin seeds, or even a hard-boiled egg with you will keep your energy up while you’re on the go!  

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