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How to Survive a Long Train Ride

I’ve been traveling for a while now. I’m not an expert and I don’t pretend to be. But there is something soothing about being on the road, taking a long train ride and going in unplanned places. It’s the thrill of the adventure and the magic of the unknown that make everything worthwhile.

However, sometimes the fascination of the travel is replaced by back pains, lack of sleep and rest, horrible passengers or motion sickness. Yes, although most like to focus on the good aspects, ignoring the bad ones is practically impossible given that they are real and can happen to anyone, at any point.

So how do you survive a long train ride (15 hours in my case) and reach your destination alive, breathing and kicking? I did some research and I came up with a few tips that are supposed to help someone experience time easier when trapped in a train for a long period of time.

Top 7 to Survive a Long Train Ride

Sleep – if you want to avoid the drag of nasty co-participants at the sufferance slash adventure then you should get some sleep. In this case anything works: from night masks to a bit of whiskey or a sleeping pill. The most important thing is not to try something new before this big event. Stay faithful to your old habits and they will not let you down!

Stay productive – every hour that you spend on a train can be productive if you put your mind to it. The fact that you won’t have internet connection will help you remain focused and write that paper you’ve been running from. Work on your resume, draft some e-mails, read that book you’ve always wanted. Everything works as long as you enjoy it!

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Drinking – I am not saying this is the best solution ever, but when you’ve tried everything else and you are still counting the seconds of every minute (surprise, they’re still 60 at every count) drinking can be a good alternative. Just don’t exaggerate or pass out, especially if you are traveling solo.

Photos – in today’s tech world, taking picture is a must. If you don’t have one is like you were not even there. It will be a bit challenging to take a picture through the train window, especially at a high speed, but some of the most memorable pictures are done without previous planning.

Walk – when you’re traveling for a long time your body will become numb and you will feel extremely unpleasant. This is why it is a good idea to move around: go to the bathroom or to the snack car if the train has offers of this kind. Time will pass easier and you will get a few extra-snacks.

Socialize – yes, it might sound tricky, but getting to know the people you are traveling with will make your long train ride more bearable. Plus you will get to make new friends and share experiences, drinks and snacks. Sounds good to me!

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Plan – if you are one of those persons who enjoys planning every step of their vacation you will take these hours and use them in your best interest. Plan the next step of your trip, discover new places on the map and know where you want to go. For the control lovers, this will be a well spent ride.

Now while these steps are easy to perform and they can be very effective, I promise to come back with a personal description. Wish me luck!