Suspended Tents for Outdoors Fun

Getting closer to nature is my ultimate goal in life.

I hate crowded places, malls and pretty much everything that obligates me to stay inside. This is why I always search for ways to get back into nature and soak all the beauty in. And what is best for that? You’ve guest: tents.

I remember the first time I slept in a tent like it was yesterday. It wasn’t yesterday, it was a million years ago, but the image of that night will hunt me forever. I planned with a small group of friends to spend May 1st at the seaside, in a local region. The weather was very nice, so we thought about sleeping in a tent for one night. What’s the worst that can happen? (never say this unless you want to give God a new challenge).

After eating well and watching a rock band giving the loudest summer concert ever, we went to our tent. I must mention that this region was mostly destined to rock-ish and hippie people. So everyone was happy and cheerful until someone slept with the other’s girlfriend and things got rough. Or until someone drank too much and remembered that a friend owed him money. And things got rough again.

Aside from the fact that I had to put two blankets and a furred hoodie to stop shivering, in the middle of the night a drunk guy crashed over our tent. This happened exactly when an ambulance came to fix another guy after a fight with his friend.

Out of all this, the guy who came uninvited into our tent was the weirdest one.  Of course, at that time I knew nothing about Tentsile and their suspended tents. If so, I would have slept like a queen over a sea of “happy people.”

The good news is that I heard they recently added three more models to their range of tents: Trillium (small hammock that can sustain up to three people), Vista (tree tent with two layers) and Trilogy (a huge shelter that can fit six people and it has a central canopy and three sleeping areas). Classy!

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The reason why I find this suspended tree initiative awesome (which by the way was was created by Kirk Kirchev and Alex Shirley-Smith in 2012) is because they plant three trees for every tent that you buy. How cool is this?

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Would you stay in one of these?

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2 thoughts on “Suspended Tents for Outdoors Fun

  1. It looks more fun but is it safe? I can see that there’s a kid there. Sure, I know it is not that different from a tree house but a tree house looks more sturdy.

    1. Hello,
      The shame we feel for answering so late is incommensurable.
      Thank you for your comment. After some digging, I discovered that the guys at Tentsile are not only very funny but also preoccupied with the quality and safety of their products. In their FAQs section, you can read more about their tips on how to arrange these suspended tents in order to feel safe and comfortable. You can find the link below. Hope this helped you and thank you for visiting our blog. Have a great day!

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