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Sustainable travel tips on a budget

Do you want to let kindness on your way when you travel?

These sustainable travel tips will help you make trips that are good for the earth, communities, and yourself.

They will help you immerse yourself in the local culture, see the country through the eyes of the people who live there, and it will save you a ton of money.

It is also possible to travel sustainably on a budget. Here are our tips.

Sustainable travel tipsSustainable Travel Tips – Go by bike, bike, and use public transportation via taxis, rental cars, and flights.

Sustainable travel tips on a budget

Live hpy. Live healthy. Live Free. Live beyond yourself. And travel sustainably.

Here are our top tips for sustainable travel:

1. Go for a walk, ride a bike, and use public transport about taxis, rental cars and flights.

2. Eat locally produced foods. Stick to a whole plant-based diet that means more vegetables, fruits, grains, nuts, and less or no animal products

3. Be part of the local economy. Eat local, shop local, play local. Avoid national chains and companies.

4th Reduce – Reuse – Recycle– In this order. Trash sucks, don’t do it! Read our tips for sustainable camping.

5. Use the Sharing economy. Use websites like,, and The sharing economy is one of our top tips on how to travel the world for free!

6th Buy fewer things and buy used things when you can. You can buy used camping equipment, luggage and clothing.

7th Save water and electricity. Just be aware of your usage. Don’t buy water in plastic bottles by getting your own travel water bottle and filling it with water (where safe).

8. Do not use one-time items (bags, removed containers, bottled water, straws, nkins, etc.). Carry your own reusable dishes, cutlery and bags.

9. Positive consumption. Buy from companies that will use the business forever.

10. Simplify. The less you need, the easier it is to be kind to our planet and get around.

11. Travel light and carry only what you need (Here is our easy packing guide). It will force you to interact with the locals.

12th Be aware. When making decisions, consider where things come from and how they were made. If you don’t know, find out. Take action by making good use of the information you find.

13th Live beyond yourself. How do your actions affect other people, animals and the earth? Make your decisions based on the wellbeing of everyone and everyone, not just yourself.

14th Help the local community. Spend time in orphanages, volunteer in a communal kitchen, or pick up trash from the beach. There are so many ways to give back!

fifteen. Help protect the wildlife by refusing to buy wildlife products and partake in tourist activities that include animals.

16. Do not go where you are asked not to go. Certain locations are out of bounds for a reason – they can be private land or protected wildlife sanctuaries. Respect the rules of the country and the local community.

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