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Taking it slow when it comes to burgers Slow Burger opens doors in Bandra

After launching The Bandstand Pantry, Ranji Trophy Cricketer Sinan Kader is ready to take it slow – when it comes to burgers. In a world where you want it all before you can say the words instant gratification and food is literally at your fingertips, Slow Burger Co. wants you to take a moment – ​​and then bite into the perfect slowly-grilled, freshly seasoned and thoughtfully dressed premium burgers. The place launched on June 8, 2022, onwards.

Located in the city’s most food-forward suburb, Slow Burger Co. is ready to sw frozen for fresh, quick frying for delicate cooking and burgers-in-a-minute service for thoughtfully prepared plates of comfort food. With the best quality home-ground meat, freshly sourced seasonal produce and artisanal sourdough or brioche of the day, the ultimate product is definitely worth the wait.

The menu, just like the cooking process, is worth going over slowly so you can make just the right choice for your mood of the day. Go the classic way with the slow-grilled Louisiana Grilled Chicken Burger with Cajun ground chicken or the punchy Jamaican Jerk Chicken Burger. For comforting Indian flavours, get your hands on Punjab Da Puttar with stone-grilled tandoori chicken or the Lucknow Lamb Galawati made with a melt-in-the-mouth patty paired with mint mayo and cheese. Pescatarians have some ex’sea’llent options to choose from including a Tandoori Salmon burger made with chargrilled salmon & raw mango mayo, Prawn Tempura with kimchi & Fish-o-Fillet while lovers of the OG burger can enjoy options like Serious Steve made with stone-grilled buff minute steak & the criminally good Fat Tony burger with juicy ground beef and cheddar melt.

Veggie burgers at Slow Burger Co. are treated with as much care as the meat burgers. Enjoy the slow-griddle cooked Tandoori Paneer Burger or dig into layers of flavor with the Zurich Mushroom Burger made with slow-roasted mushroom, sautéed Portobello & cheese fondue melt. Or opt for the Texas Tornado with a spicy kidney beans patty or the slow pan-cooked Bombay Blast with a paneer bhurji patty. If you really want to enjoy the soul of Slow, the signature burgers are a must-try – Norwegian Salmon & Blue Cheese, Surf & Turf with ground chicken & crispy prawns, Nuts on Fire with a delightfully spiced kidney-bean patty & praline crumb and the seasonal Asian Jackfruit Burger with Thai-spice roasted jackfruit, kimchi & wasabi mayo.