At a resort like Walt Disney World, where efficiency can beat taste, finding an exemplary dining experience or dish is not a given. But the sprawling complex has a wide variety of stellar, and even targeted, dishes for those who are willing to seek them out. These are meals that people remember for years, that they hold onto, that they scream for the second they return. From huge chunks of meat to Hall of Fame ice cream, hoisin spare ribs to a bowl of cheese soup, we’ve found all the spectacular dishes and restaurants and put them together in eater style for this Disney 38. Anyone planning a trip to Orlando this should be a cheat sheet for the best and brightest in the parks.

Update 4/2021: In the years since the Eater Guide was first created, Disney has added star chefs, cultural cuisines, and new upscale endeavors to its culinary offerings. After the temporary closure in 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic, the full range of restaurants and offers has not yet returned. There is plenty to enjoy and enjoy at Walt Disney World, including many of our time-tested favorites. So rest assured: you will still eat well in this vacation paradise.

Editor’s note: There are extensive health and safety protocols in place in Walt Disney World. All guests aged 3 and over require park reservations and valid entry to visit Disney’s theme parks. Disney Springs is open to the public. Walt Disney World restaurants have resumed indoor and outdoor dining with increased social distancing and cleaning practices. However, this should not be taken as an endorsement for indoor eating as there are still safety concerns.

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