The average wage for restaurant and supermarket workers reached $ 15 an hour for the first time in US history. according to a report by doing Washington Post. The bump, which extends to other restaurant workers such as butchers and fishmongers, is in the middle of one of the most significant phases of accelerated wage growth since the 1980s and is rare positive news for the millions of workers who have been particularly hard hit by the pandemic.

In June 2021 it was more than 1.5 million vacancies in restaurants and hotels in the US while supermarkets are still struggling to keep existing employees and cannot find new ones. Workers are reluctant to return to jobs that were typically low wages, especially jobs that put them on the front lines of a still raging pandemic without adequate protection or benefits. Supermarkets in some states had to offer hazard payment as the pandemic grew, however these guidelines have expired in most locations. Even before the policies expire, some supermarkets have them whole megastores closed to avoid back payments, so you should know all there is to know about how supermarkets value their employees. Since the Delta variant spreads over large parts of the country, many workers say no to restaurants and supermarkets and rethink what they want to do go forward.

Given a labor shortage – what actually a Lack of jobs with decent wagess – a restaurant and Supermarket Operators are trying to lure workers in with perks like emergency care allowances, school fees, signing bonuses, and higher hourly wages – all the basic things that employers should offer their employees from the start. The rise in median wages can be partly attributed to these tactics, but it’s important to remember that this moment comes after nearly a decade of agitation for a $ 15 minimum wage by ordinary workers, many of whom work in the fast food industry . In 2012, for example Hundreds of fast food workers in New York City went on strike Demand better pay and recognition from a union called the Fast Food Workers Committee. A decade later, their cause is mainstream, and their agitation is paying off (literally). This moment is a long time coming and it has come because the workers fought for one another. Even so, it’s worth noting that $ 15 an hour does not represent a living wage in many parts of the country, especially for families. And everything comes Months after Congress failed to pass a federal minimum wage of $ 15 as part of the American rescue plan. The federal minimum wage remains at $ 7.25 an hour, and millions of Americans still live in poverty.

Meanwhile, restaurant operators struggling to find workforce are on their way Contact automation to fill the work gs. In a White Castle southeast of Chicago, a robot named Flippy has taken on the task of deep-frying. The robot, which is actually just a robotic arm clad in a greaseproof shell with the White Castle logo, works 23 hours a day and has worked non-stop for a year. All of this without earning a single penny! White Castle isn’t the only restaurant getting into the automation business: Tel Aviv-based Kitchen Robotics recently unveiled something called Beastro, which looks more like a paint mixer as some cord of food to cook. The Beastro works by tossing a series of ingredients into a bowl and. . . mix a bit? Co-founder of the company told that Wall Street Journal that the Beastro can be leased for $ 7,500 a month and will replace two or three workers in a ghost kitchen operation.

Like Beastro, most automated cooks out there right now seem to only make cables from bowls. Barney Wragg, CEO of Karakuri Robotics based in London, said the diary that the real challenge in the automation of restaurant kitchens is „to make machines that can manipulate this peculiar, non-conforming, multi-dimensionally deforming substance”, which I also refer to as food. It turns out that cooking is a difficult and nuanced thing. Until robots can figure out the complexity of a good stew – what Wragg calls „a viscous liquid with trapped solids” – the task is left to humans. And they should be paid much, much better for that.

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