You’re done with your beach towel and sunscreen and ready to explore some of the best beaches in Key West.

But what Key West beach Are you going to sit back and relax?

There are several to choose from for such a small island.

Are you looking for a family-friendly beach where the kids can run around freely, do you want a great beach atmosphere with bars and restaurants nearby, or are you looking for a more secluded and quieter place? Fortunately, there are plenty of options to consider.

So let’s put together a list of the best Key West beaches to visit this summer right away.

The best beaches in Key WestThe best beaches in Key West

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Here is a list of the best beaches in Key West

Smathers Beach

That two mile stretch of white tropical sand is that largest public beach in Key West. This is a beach with expansive Atlantic Ocean views that you can enjoy all day long when the sand between your toes feels like it did on your last trip to the Bahamas. You’re right!

Like all the sand on our beaches in Key West, it was imported, this one from the Bahamas. Smathers offers volleyball, snorkeling, and other water sports right on the beach.

There are picnic areas where you can enjoy a snack from the local beach vendors. Public toilets can also be found nearby. There are several moderately priced hotels along this beach, making it a favorite with spring break fans. As with parking anywhere in Key West, be prepared to pay a meter.

Higgs Beach

This beach is half a mile south of Smathers on Atlantic Blvd. near White St. This small beach with its shallow water and playground on the beach has a lot to offer Families with young children. In addition to swimming and water sports, there is a pier, restaurant, volleyball, tennis and handball courts nearby. Dogs are welcome at the dog park across the street. There is even a civil war era fort and garden to enjoy with your kids. There is limited free parking available for this beach.

Dog beach

Located on the south end of Vernon & Waddel Streets, the hotel is the only beach in the Keys where dogs and other pets can swim and play freely.

It’s a favorite of Families with pets But don’t plan for the kids to build sandcastles or lie on your towel to catch a few rays of sunshine while Fido frolics with Fifi. It’s a dog beach! It is not being purged from the city; only from responsible pet owners.

This property is located between Louie’s Backyard and The Reach Resort. To make sure I wasn’t getting you wrong, I called our friends Louie’s backyard and confirms that your pooch is still welcome at the bar during lunch time so you can have a delicious bite while your dog catches the waves.

As a note: If you want to go to Louie’s for dinner and bring the dog with you to be on the safe side, the first thing to do is call the manager to see how the crowd is.

Rest beach

The Rest Beach is located next to Higgs Beach barrier-free and where to find the White Street Pier. This is a great place to fish, relax, and enjoy the natural vegetation.

Fort Zachary Taylor

In this 54-acre state park, the Atlantic Ocean meets the Gulf of Mexico and is likely home to the surrounding area The best beach Key West has to offer.

If you’d rather sit in the shade; no problem. If you want to roast under the sun; no problem. If you want to swim or snorkel; no problem. If you’d rather sit on a beach chair but forgot to bring one; no problem. If you enjoy cycling or walking in the wooded park; no problem!

I think you get the idea.

In addition to all of this, there is also the Civil War Fortress that you can get a guided tour of, and fishing is allowed on the west end. It’s a wonderful place to see the famous sunsets that Key West is known for. Public toilets, a food and drink kiosk, chair rentals, picnic tables, and barbecue areas are also available. The beach can be a bit rocky so I recommend bringing your flip flops. There is an admission fee. To get to the beach, enter the Truman Annex on Southard Street.

South beach

Despite its name, the beach is not related to its Miami namesake. This small and open area is a Favorite of the locals. The beach is nice and sandy and the water is pretty shallow so you can go out quite a long way. There is also a concrete pillar.

There are no toilets or facilities, but there is a snack bar and you can easily walk to nearby restaurants. The beach is at the south end of Duval Street on the Atlantic Ocean.

Broken glass beach

At first glance, however, this probably wasn’t the best choice for a public beach area in a tourist city. Madness had a method, and it has to do with a bit of Key West history, albeit on the less exciting side.

This strip of the Atlantic coast is best reached at low tide, and to get there you have to step away from a retaining wall. The terrain is a bit rocky and therefore not my first recommendation for beaches.

The name Broken Glass Beach comes from the time when the local dump was on the site many years ago and has obviously been well cleaned up ever since. Well, some of the broken glass remained, and after years of being struck by the surf and rolling back and forth over the rocks, corral, and sand, These pieces of glass are now nicely rounded and are in great demand with jewelry manufacturers!

Simonton Beach

We love our city and all its charm and I want you to enjoy every part of what I share with you. suffice it to say Simonton Beach isn’t really a place to visit. We added it here to remove any doubt that it wasn’t recorded just in case you’re wondering why when you see it on an meter.

Fort Jefferson on the Dry Tortugas

Articles like this would not be complete if I didn’t mention them the most inaccessible national park in America, 70 miles off the shores of Key West, out on Garden Key.

This group of seven small islands, which was first discovered by Ponce de Leon, is home to the largest coastal fortress;; the majestic Fort Jefferson. The only way to get there is by high speed ferry or Selane, both of which depart from Key West. Since the number of seats is limited on each excursion, this is the best thing to do Book in advance.

But the trip is worth it. The palm-fringed beaches are pristine and snorkeling over the living reef is an experience you will never forget!

Art from some of the best beaches in the US, Key West is also known for water sports, lively nightlife, historic sites and of course, their key lime pie.

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