Ouray, Colorado is a fantastic destination throughout the year. One of the fascinating features of this community is the Ouray Chalet Inn. The rooms are always exceptionally comfortable, spacious, relaxing and clean. All the rooms have either a queen or king size bed to cradle you in comfort. When you stay at this sensational inn, you are in walking distance to delicious restaurants, interesting museums and the beauty of the outdoors. You simply park your car and enjoy the delights of Ouray. You can always count on the friendly staff for everything from extra towels to a recommendation for the perfect restaurant.

At the end of the day enjoy the exquisite views of the mountains from the window of your room. Settle in for a lovely evening with a microwave, an in-room refrigerator, free Wi-Fi and streaming devices for all your favorite shows. Step onto the patio to relax in a decadent and private hot tub or complete any work while glorying in the gorgeous surroundings. The Ouray Chalet Inn is nothing less than sensational.

If you are a adventurers, history lovers, traveling artists, or shoppers, Ouray is the perfect destination for you. During the summer you can hike through the mountains, four-wheel drive, horseback ride, and climb or go rafting. You can witness the beauty of panoramic vistas, waterfalls, wildflowers and mountain basins.

The winters in Ouray are exceptional. The city has the nickname of The Switzerland of America for a reason. The area fills with beautiful, white snow and offers events to appeal to everyone. The Ouray Ice Park is always popular. There are over 200 mixed and ice climbs mostly just a fifteen-minute walk from where you enter. When the merchants greet you with have an ice day, you will not be able to resist a smile.

The signature event of the park is called the Ouray Ice Festival. Every January the best athletes from across the globe come to Ouray to attend the festival. You may just see one of the most famous athletes in the world at a pub, coffee shop or adventure film screenings.

The San Juan Mountains offer snowboarding, backcountry skiing, snowmobiling and snowshoeing on lush, untouched powder. There is nothing better to do than to relax in natural hot springs. The Ouray Hot Springs Pool is open all year and provides over a million gallons of hot springs water. The water is natural, crystal clear and irresistible.


If you don’t like to go on a ski or snowboard, there are many other things for you to do. You can go sledding. You will find a sledding hill in every neighborhood there. You just have to grab a sled for making your boring day a classy one. But, look out for those jumps, they’ll hurt a little. You can also head to the tubing hill. You just have to get on a soft, bouncy tube to go barreling down a giant hill. Exciting, right?     

Paragliding is also one of the most adventurous activities and you can try it there. There are no jumping off of cliffs or free-falling involved. So, it is good for those having a fear of height. Moreover, the launches and landings are also gentle, and you’ll get to see the incredible scenery of the valleys.

If you are a fan of water sports, you must try canyoning. You can explore a canyon by rappelling, rafting and waterfall jumping. Ouray is perfect for this kind of activity. You can also enjoy it with family as it isn’t for hardcore adventure seekers. Although, there is a 280-foot rappel down Cascade Fall for those who seek a real thrill as this is a little more intense.

If you are going there in summers, get on board first and only jet boat in De Beque, Colorado. This New Zealand style boat will take you on a crazy and adventurous ride down the beautiful Colorado River. You’ll experience powerslides, spins, speed runs and fishtails that will leave you breathless. You can also see wildlife in the skies and on the shores of the river.

These are some of the most popular activities to try if you are visiting this beautiful place. Don’t forget to try these out to make your trip more adventurous and memorable.    

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