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The Asian cuisine has become very popular lately. Receiving a dinner invitation at a sushi place it is not uncommon but provides a delightful ambient for a pleasant time and it fills the belly with exquisite flavors. Those who love fish know that sushi ranks high in the top of goodies. But do they know more than that?

What Should You Know When Eating Sushi?

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Order – there is an order in disorder. If you eat the fish in a specific order the flavors will mix and mingle giving you the best possible outcome. Start with a white fish, move on to a silver one, go to the red fish (or fish with heavier flavor such as salmon) and end with the fattest fish. When you choose tuna rolls, it’s a sign that you are ending your meal.

Soy sauce – it is not a good idea to drawn your fish into soy sauce because this will overpower its taste. The best way to get the perfect result is to put the sauce on the fish and not on the rice.

Ginger – ginger cannot miss from a sushi dinner. Why? Because it is used to cleanse the palate, preparing it for the next type of fish.

Wasabi – if the wasabi is burning your mouth try breathing through your nose and not your mouth. This will make the burn fade and help you recover from pain of the spiciness.

Sushi selections – there are various types of rolls that can make your first experience unforgettable: California (avocado, cucumber, crab), Philadelphia (cream cheese, smoked salmon, cucumber), Boston (cooked crab, salmon, scallions), Spicy tuna (tuna, spicy sauce) and Unagi (cooked eel, avocado).

Do’s and Don’ts of Eating Sushi

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– use the back ends of the chopsticks to take food from a shared plate.

– eat sushi in one bite.

– use your fingers as utensils if you cannot make use of the chopsticks. However, remember to give it a try. Some restaurants might find it insulting if you don’t even try.

– place your chopsticks on a ceramic rest (a paper wrapper can also work if there is nothing else around).


– rub your chopsticks to remove splinters (this insults the chef because it implies that the chopsticks are of cheap quality).

– use a fork or chopsticks to eat nigiri.

– mix wasabi and soy sauce. Use them separately!

– ask for ketchup as a sauce for your sushi.

So, who’s in for some sushi?

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