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The Caffeine Baar is launching the Elements 2021 collection with coffee specialties

The Caffeine Baar is an experimental coffee specialty. With the single-variety, tall Arabica coffee beans from the 120-year-old Baarbara estate in Chikmagalur, she is launching ‘Elements 2021’.

This is a collection of three new packaged specialty coffee beans: carbonated maceration, anaerobic fermentation, and orange fermentation. The Elements 2021 collection costs Rs 500 per product.

The assorted range of packaged coffee beans is the result of diverse experiments that have been perfected over time. The company said it has brought the „chemistry of coffee” to the forefront of every consumer’s experience. The aroma and taste merge into a whole new experience of artisanal coffee.

Carbonic maceration involves a process in which the crushed coffee cherries are processed with carbon dioxide to create light, vinous flavors. This is a new process in the Indian specialty coffee industry and one of the most unique offerings for coffee connoisseurs in the country.

Anaerobic fermentation involves an interesting process in which the coffee cherries are processed in a fully sealed and low-oxygen fermentation tank that is further slowly dried to achieve the ideal moisture level for nutty and sweet flavors.

Orange fermentation, a bonus for coffee and orange lovers as both flavors are perfectly blended and can be tasted with these special coffee beans. The ground coffee is fermented with fresh orange in order to obtain citrus and floral flavors.

The brand aims to introduce the fourth wave of coffee evolution in India. The brand addresses a niche but growing market segment of coffee drinkers who are looking for unique flavors and new coffee experiences, and offers a total of 8 variants of packaged coffee beans for the coffee connoisseur.

On the occasion of the launch of the new collection, Poojya Prasad, co-founder of The Caffeine Baar said: “We are very pleased to introduce our three new coffee specialty collections – Carbonic Maceration, Anaerobic Fermentation and Orange Fermentation. We are sure that our customers who look forward to trying our new coffee beans and recipes will enjoy this collection. All three variants are the result of tremendous hard work with a comprehensive focus on expanding the taste envelope of coffee with novel experiments in order to ensure a highly developed taste for the coffee drinker at their discretion. „